Reverse Logistics in the Chinese Auto Manufacturing Industry

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Reverse Logistics in the Chinese Auto Manufacturers industry


With the development of the society and the economy, people have increased their different kinds of demands in their daily lives (Ravi  & Shankar, 2005). By the advanced technology, people can exchange various kinds of information freely. For example, when people do some searches in the internet, they can be able to know a lot of information in a very short time. As the fast development of the information business, many different kinds of industries are on the increase, including the online shopping, logistics and so on. Especially for the logistics industry, although it starts late, it does develop very quickly. But in the real situations, people seem to pay more attentions to the forward logistics. And when talking about the reverse logistics, it seems not catch people's attentions, especially in China. For the forward logistic, it refers to transfer the goods from the factory to the customers, which are very common in the society. And the reverse logistic means people should collect the products which are damaged, non-use and out-date from the customers, which is the first stage. Following this, they will make some data analysis and then make some arrangement for the products. In a word, it is a high-efficiency process for the product life cycle. By the reverse logistics management, the corporations can enhance their competitive powers and then they can expand their market shares.

The reverse logistic industry does a great help to the development of the Chinese auto manufacture industry, which should be discussed in the below essay. Nowadays, more and more people pay their attentions in the reverse logistic industry in the car industry. There are many different kinds of reasons. First of all, for most of the Chinese car industry, they should get the accessories from the other suppliers and then combine them together to make a car. If they do not know the detailed information about the quantity of the parts, they may have many stocks. Besides, since the reform and open policy and the quick development of the economy, China is trying its best to develop itself. But due to the low beginning points, the industry levels may still not so high. And the WTO gives China a lot of opportunities to develop better in the future. Therefore, the Chinese auto manufacturers are also faced with a lot of chances and the challenges. As the core industry in China, the development of the Chinese auto manufacture industry will affect the other relevant industry a lot. Thus, they should try their best to find a good way to develop the Chinese auto manufacture industry, which can help the government and the citizens a lot. By saving the time and costs, it can do a great help to develop the Chinese auto manufacture industry. Comparing with the foreign countries, the Chinese auto manufacture industry seems not pay much attention to the reverse logistic, which mean a lot to their future development. And many scientists point out that the reverse logistic industry is the catalysts for the auto manufacture industry. If people can make good use of the reverse logistics, it can help them to save money and it is good for the environment. Otherwise, it may become the obstacle to the industries.

In the developed countries, the car industry has certain scales and it contributes a lot to the society, economy and the environment. They also have the basic stage like China now. Take the America as an example. The American renewable industry has reached 2400 billion dollars, which has already over the car industry and become the core industry in the United States. When talking about the auto parts of the car industry, there are 1.15 million corporations with different sizes. They all can be responsible for themselves. However, for the Chinese auto manufactures, they still mainly rely on the government supports, without which they cannot survive. Thus, it is very necessary for the Chinese auto industry to get rid of the severe situations and reach the success like the developed countries. What is more, for the social parts, the reverse logistics can provide a lot of job chances for the public, as the renewable process do really need a lot of staffs due to its complicated. For the Chinese auto manufacture industry, they should pay much attention on the green designs and should be the environmental friendly. And they also need the disassembly technology and the professional tools. And the reverse logistic for the Chinese auto manufacture can promote the human society and bring a lot of benefits to the countries and the people. What is more, due to the increase of the life quality, people have more demands about the environment, as the health is the most important things to the human beings. And the car may produce some poisonous gas, which should catch people's attentions as the time passed by. On the one hand, the government should make sure to provide the safe and healthy environment for the human beings and one the other hand, it can help to reduce the medical treatment fees. Thus, there is no doubt that the reverse logistic will be the future trends for the auto manufacture industry in China.  

By doing the researches, people can get some guidance on how to develop the auto manufactures better in the future, which is good for the human beings. In the essay, it is aiming to make some explorations about the reverse logistics in the Chinese auto manufactures and figure out how it affects the society. First of all, it makes some literature reviews about the reverse logistics and its relevant knowledge, which can give the readers some background information about the researching topics. Following this, it presents readers the methodology of conducting the researches, such as the qualitative methods, quantitative methods and so on. At last, it makes some suggestions on how to develop the Chinese auto manufacture industry better and tries its best to provide some useful guidance to the other industries. And for the other manufactures, they can know how to make good use of the resources and then provide the environmental friendly products to the society, which is good for the sustainable development. In the essay, it mainly discusses three issues. The first one is the discussion about the key sectors in the reverse industry. Following this, it makes some analysis about a GM general Corporation in Shanghai by the SWOT. What is more, it makes some investigations on how the Chinese Auto Manufacturers improve the performance of reverse logistics to meet the market.

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The literature reviews

2.1 The definitions and the functions of the reverse logistics

The reverse logistic refers to make good use of the resources from the customers. It includes the products, packages and some related materials which are obtained from the clients (De Brito & Dekker, 2004). To make it simple, the reverse logistics mean to collect the used, out-date and the damaged products. And then people can do the package again to make them meet the customers' different kinds of demands. In another word, it helps to prolong the life circle of the products and increase their functions, which ...

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