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Being Adult

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BEING ADULT I'm staring at my reflection in the mirror seeing that I haven't been paying attention to my appearence lately. I think I should stop working that hard and have a vacation. Actually my tired looking face and some white hair ,which have started to appear among my untidy Brown hair, tell me to do so. I wear my jacket and head to the bus station but then I see the old Ortak�y Mosque and the dark blue sea next to it. I can't take my eyes off the beautiful Bosphourus view, which looks more beautiful in this April morning. The sea calls me and I can not stay indifferent anymore. I decide to start my vacation today and enjoy the marvelous sea view. I go and sit on a bank, next to the mosque just near the shore, not thinking about thw waves which might soak me. I watch the sea and listen to the song which the waves and the seagulls sing together until hearing those two boys talking; - I can't believe that the school didn't let us use the computers. ...read more.


- Here is my laptop. - We should have thought about it before. Come on, let's start. They're back and I'm curious now. What can be related to school, computer and music? "Start the program" said Ataman. This sound is familiar to me. I know this program. I have used it when I was in the university. Some of my friends liked my song but I didn't compose another song. The boys are going to use this program now to compose a song. Should I help them? Should I share my experience? I have learnt how to use that program on my own. Would I feel intelligent if someone else had helped me? I don't think so. I must sit still and just listen to the song that they have already started to compose. Nice start... It has been nearly one hour. They worked hard but they have created a very nice song. While they were working some girls passed by talking to each other and giggling. ...read more.


I must do it now. I stand up turn back but.. It can't be possible. They can't have gone in such a short time. Where are they? I think they would be good friends to talk to but it seems that the only friend I have right now is the sea. Maybe there wasn't anyone else... There haven't been anyone else apart from the sea and me since I came here. Were they all imaginary? Am I going mad? If I have only sea as a friend, why don't I just jump into it and forget all of my problems instead of trying to discuss them with -maybe imaginary- people... Jumping into the sea woke me up. Thank God, at least I'm not hearing imaginary people. I'm looking at the monitor of the computer which my son left switched on last night. The song is still playing: "Mattafix - Big City Life" I get up, wash my face and look at the mirror. I see that I havent been paying attention to my appearence lately. I "really" need a vacation. Semih S�nmez ...read more.

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