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In this essay I will be comparing how writers present the theme of GROWING UP from the extract of “flight” and “your shoes” giving their similarity and differences.

Flight by Doris Lessing

This is a story of grand daughter and the grandfather .This story reflects the relationship between the grown up granddaughter and her grandfather and how they accept the change.

Your shoes by Michele Roberts

This a monologue story where the speaker is a woman who has a daughter who left her and the woman who is her mother has no idea where her daughter so she is writing a emotional letter to express her love, sympathy, guilt . The mother is also concerned about the daughter’s well being and the writer shows us the mother’s obsession with cleanliness.  

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Comparison of themes in two stories

Your shoe is a letter in a first narrative person written to a teenage daughter who has run away from her house because of her family conflicts. In flight the grandfather thinks its best to protect his grown up granddaughter, as he thinks his granddaughter is too young to control her self.  



In the two essays we get similarities between the mother and the grandfather in that they both do not accept that their ...

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