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University Degree: John Steinbeck

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  1. Themes within the first chapter of Of Mice And Men

    for $1 an acre, on which to live. They would have to build their own houses made out of sods on it. They would farm it and have to combat many problems. They were often very lonely on the plains. Life could sometimes be very arduous and the Americans dreamt of a better life and this dream was passed down through the generations. Thus, the American Dream was born. The desire to better themselves is something that has driven mankind long before the birth of the American Dream.

    • Word count: 1419
  2. AIMS OF THIS SCHEME OF WORK To encourage critical analysis of the authors intentions, character development and motivation. To develop a critical awareness of the social, historical

    * Desktop publishing or word processing package. * Selection of newspapers. * Video of Mice and Men 1992 version. * Differentiated extracts taken from the novel. * Coloured cards with differentiated tasks written on them. SEQUENCE OF LESSONS: (Learning Objective: U = Understanding, K = Knowledge, S = Skills) LESSON 1 Learning objective: * U: to introduce the novel and start to explore the motivation and behaviour of the characters. Whole class: Introduce the scheme of work and its aims. Give brief introduction into the background of author, and context and setting of the book. Teacher reads from pages 1-18.

    • Word count: 1086
  3. Plagiarism Declaration

    Did Steinbeck intend it as such? What errors are said to render The Grapes of Wrath unreliable as history? Is W indschuttle correct in dismissing Steinbeck's lack of fidelity to the past as myth making? Although John Steinbecks "The Grapes of Wrath" has generally been accepted as the definitive novel representing the great depression, it should in fact not be viewed as a historically relevant text due to the many inaccuracies peppered throughout the novel. This serves to detract from the historical significance of the novel and consequently casts it aside as fiction or merely myth making. This essay will deal with the inaccuracies in the novel and the possible reasons for them and will thus show that the novel is of little historical significance.

    • Word count: 1336
  4. Dreams are very important in “Of Mice and Men” - Discuss.

    (page 66). In the book George's dream is to "have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs" (page 15). The dream of owning land is part of the American Dream and is what motivates Lennie and especially George to work on the ranch. Without them doing this it would be virtually impossible for them to obtain enough money to achieve their dream. The reason why George has this dream is because he has always worked on someone else's land and has always been ordered around by someone else, which he is getting tired of.

    • Word count: 1281
  5. A Separate Peace, by John Knowles.

    Gene questions his friendship with Finny lots of times and who doesn't, but we don't know what Finny thinks about Gene except when he tells us. Gene and Finny's friendship goes through up's and down's but what friendship doesn't. In A Separate Peace, Gene and Finny show their friendship towards one another in many ways through motivation, watching out for one another, forgiveness, and trust in each other. But there are many times when they turned on each other, which makes them human.

    • Word count: 1263
  6. George Willard is a small town boy who is discouraged by the lack of direction in his life, and comes to mature by being the town medium in Winesburg, Ohio.

    It all started when Seth Richmond came to visit George one summer evening. George and Seth began talking about different things and George stated how he wanted to write a love story. George being a reporter for the Winesburg Eagle always tried to put himself in the position of or get into the head of his subject. Writing a love story George would have to find someone to fall in love with. This is where Helen White comes into the story. "She is the only girl in town with any 'get-up' to her"(p129).

    • Word count: 1693

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