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Reflective Essay. Why do I write? There are actually many answers to this question. Writing is very important to me because it connects every phase of my life

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Maglaqui, Ashley 20 March 2012 EN 12 R56 Reflection Paper Sir Roy Agustin Why I Write Why do I write? There are actually many answers to this question. Writing is very important to me because it connects every phase of my life: from childhood, to adolescence, and eventually adulthood. It is through writing that my best memories of the past are kept, and my dreams and goals are recorded for future contemplation. I find that it is important to know how I began to write, in order to see the many reasons why I write. My interest in writing began shortly after I fell in love with reading. I was fascinated with books ever since I can remember. My earliest memories of reading include memorizing and reciting the first two or three pages of Hansel and Gretel to anyone who would listen. Some time later, I remember reading up to the fifth page of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and proudly announcing it to everyone at lunch. I feel I must give credit to my parents; apparently, reading is in my genes. My dad has an astounding collection of books and magazines that take up his entire room, and my mom has a shelf of neatly stacked Reader's Digests since 2002. ...read more.


And so we have the second answer to why I write: for entertainment, or to make life more interesting. By this time, too, the magic of books was weakening. I had actually developed a slight dislike for books, especially the classics required for English class, because of the fact that we were required to read them in their small text and difficult language. My desire to learn new things and discover new worlds through reading greatly lessened. However, I made up for it by writing more. By the end of high school, I would have written over fifty stories, most of them based on real life situations. After graduation and the discovery that I had made it into an Honors Program in Ateneo de Manila University, I felt a mixture of emotions. First and foremost was the aching feeling of sadness, for we were all going our separate ways and knew we'd see less of each other. I also felt terrified; my family, friends, and teachers were all proud of me for getting into Management Engineering, but I had no idea what I got myself into, and I couldn't have known how difficult it was back then. On the other hand, I also felt excited it was another world I was getting into. ...read more.


And often, rereading my old posts is what triggers me to write a new post, a reflection post. So why do I write? I write to create, I write for my own entertainment, and I write to express and reflect. Writing wasn't easy, and the harder I tried, the more disappointing it was to realize that I could never be a good writer and make people see a world that I created myself. So I made do with the real world that I did have, and extract the interesting bits out of it to be bases for what I would write. When I was faced with an entirely new world of college life, I found writing about it very enjoyable. My writing grows up alongside me. It was my first ambition, and probably will always be, to write a book, create a story, that would give another kid the childhood I had loved, or make him or her feel the way I felt when I got lost in the stories of children climbing to the top the Faraway tree in the Enchanted Wood to reach the worlds beyond. With this, I now realize the most important reason for why I write: I write with the hope that I can affect or change someone's life the way reading affected mine. ...read more.

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