Reflective Essay. Why do I write? There are actually many answers to this question. Writing is very important to me because it connects every phase of my life

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Why I Write

        Why do I write? There are actually many answers to this question. Writing is very important to me because it connects every phase of my life: from childhood, to adolescence, and eventually adulthood. It is through writing that my best memories of the past are kept, and my dreams and goals are recorded for future contemplation. I find that it is important to know how I began to write, in order to see the many reasons why I write.

        My interest in writing began shortly after I fell in love with reading. I was fascinated with books ever since I can remember. My earliest memories of reading include memorizing and reciting the first two or three pages of Hansel and Gretel to anyone who would listen. Some time later, I remember reading up to the fifth page of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and proudly announcing it to everyone at lunch.

I feel I must give credit to my parents; apparently, reading is in my genes. My dad has an astounding collection of books and magazines that take up his entire room, and my mom has a shelf of neatly stacked Reader’s Digests since 2002. When not busy working or tidying up the house, I often saw my parents lying on the bed or on the sofa, reading. Most of the books I read as a kid, however, belonged to my older sister. Before Harry Potter, I was enchanted by another series: the fantastic stories of The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton.

I suppose the moment I fell in love with reading happened throughout my childhood. Reading and those stories of fantastic and funny lands found atop a magical tree in the middle of an Enchanted Wood, and many other stories, was the highlight of my childhood. I almost feel like I had never gone to school as a kid, because a lot of my memories then involve reading. When I got particularly excited to read, I would stack books up one on top of the other and pretend to be checking them out of a library, after that I would place them inside my bag and pretend to walk back to my house.

If it isn’t obvious yet, I’d like to mention that I was a quiet kid. I cannot blame reading for my being shy, but I could attribute my lack of interest in what was going on in school (besides schoolwork of course) to reading. I suppose I felt disappointed by the fact that I did not have a life similar to the children in the books I had read.

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When I read, I feel—as I am sure anyone who has read has felt—like I have left this world momentarily, and joined the world of whatever book I’m reading. I believe when books get reviews that say “hard to put down” or “page-turner,” it means that the book is so engrossing that it’s hard to shake the reader out of the world they’d been sucked into, which is why it is possible for some to spend the whole day reading, and not even eat. Reading can make you forget what’s happening around you because some authors have the ability to ...

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