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Personal Development

Time management can be defined as the management of time that enables someone to make the most out of it. Time management is a very important factor that helps a student achieve success as an independent learner (Macleod-Brudenell et al, 2004). As a student I am responsible for organizing most of my study time. When there are other commitments such as friends, family and work, this can be challenging. To enable myself to manage my time well, it is important to be aware of my own time management and how long it takes to finish each task. It is also essential to remember that a great deal of study can take longer than expected. As a student I need to allow time for unforeseen circumstances. Everybody needs to relax and have some leisure time, being a student is no exception and I need to schedule time for this (Cottrell, 2008).

Since becoming a student I have improved my time management skills. The main reason for this is that if I didn’t then I would not be able to succeed in my studies and everyday life. I have not only had to keep to a schedule for my time at college but also for my work placement, childcare arrangements, study time, and my volunteer youth work. I have also managed to give myself enough time to relax and wind down.  In the past I have only had to manage my employment and childcare. I have learnt to prioritize certain tasks and make good use of the time available. Since starting the course I have identified the best time of day for me to study and also now have the ability to balance work, home, social and study life.

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During my work placement at a school I have gained knowledge of school policies and procedures. I also now have a greater understanding of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and while working with children who have this disorder I have learnt to be patient and consistent. I have developed my awareness of behavior management techniques whilst observing teachers and assistants.

Listening can be described as the ability to perceive and process information that is presented orally (Hargie 2006). As a student I have improved my listening skills and am more focused than I have been in the past. ...

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