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In the context of personal communication explain how individuals may use non verbal communication to: persaude, show feelings and demonstrate power

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In the context of personal communication explain how individuals may use non verbal communication to: Persuade Show feelings Demonstrate power "We speak with our vocal organs, but we converse with the whole body" as said by Abercrombie (1988), suggesting that as well as language, communication between people also include gestures that we call non verbal communication(NVC), which reinforce or complete what we are saying. In different situations, the NVC of a person varies with different emotions, as is demonstrated by many public figures. Persuasion requires simply more than just language as is written. NVC supports language in this way, for example paralanguage, which emphasizes verbal messages. This coupled with precision gestures and dominance brings around a very leading and influential personality. The ways that their words are said are in quite different ways, conveying different emotional expressions, and even different meanings. ...read more.


One way is through touch, as this can attract the attention and make the listener feel connected and more safe around the persuader. Open orientation can also give an impression that there is no pressure towards the listener. This, together with gestures, touch and paralanguage can all be used with NVC to persuade someone. NVC can also be used to show or mask emotions. To mask emotions, people often assume there are ways to disguise the true emotions they are having by covering them up with what they believe to be the desired NVC. For example, a politician such as Gordon Brown may think that he can cover up his nervousness in a situation by facial expressions such as tongue in cheek, the biting of the inside of the mouth, or playing with clothes constantly...but these are sure signs that he is indeed very nervous, or another term is leakage. ...read more.


Reminding pats on the back of superiority can sometimes get competitive between rival superiors, for example, the actor Tom Cruise found himself shaking hands with an employer and trying to "out-pat" each other, to confirm who had higher power status. Rivals also find each other trying to out "strut" each other, like George Bush and Bill Clinton, and can appear quite comical as each attempts to power walk in the better way. In the Navy however, these NVC gestures aren't as necessary. This is due to the fact that rank is officially established and known to all, so no one really feels the need to compete for the power roll, and people tend to just get on with the job in hand. Therefore, it is now apparent that NVC is important in emphasizing speech, through gestures orientation, closer proxemics and paralanguage; but it is not a necessary requirement to interpersonal communication. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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