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Compare The Way In Which "Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes" by Thomas Gray and "London" by John Dryden Present A Sense Of Tragedy In Their Poems.

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Compare and Contrast The Way In Which Gray and Dryden Present A Sense Of Tragedy In Their Poems. Both the poems differ by a hundred years, but the style and language is very similar. Dryden's poem is much more serious and talks about an actually quite serious point. Gray's poem on the other hand is much more designed to be mock heroic using very elevated, serious language for a trivial meaning. Dryden's poem uses iambic pentameter with all the lines but one being end -stopped. This forces a slower, solemn reading which emphasises the grimness of the poem. Throughout the poem he uses a lot of death imagery such as "A dismal picture", "Haunting" and "murder'd men". Also in each verse there is a definite feel of displacement with such lines as "To a last lodging call their wand'ring friends." The author of this poem conveys the feeling of a widely spread tragedy rather than a personal one like the other poem. "A dismal picture of the gen'ral doom." In the first verse of Dryden's poem he uses a metaphor to present another death image, "And half unready with their bodies come." This is implying that their bodies are being readied for death almost. ...read more.


"An Infant, waking, to paps would press, and meets instead of milk a falling tear." This just presents a final image of sadness of a mother feeding her child and as she cries because of the sadness around her, her tears role down her face then onto her chest and down her breast and instead of milk the baby gets a mouthful of the mother's tears. The second poem deals with a much more trivial personal tragedy but talks about it using the same type of elevated language as Dryden's poem. This poem uses iambic tetrameter but lines three and six are iambic trimetre. This variation forces a faster reading. Throughout the poem he praises this cat comparing it to a "Nymph" and talking of it in such a way as to emphasize the looks of this cat. The author personifies the cat as being the "Demurest" and "pensive". He also goes into great detail about its looks "The velvet of her paws" and it talks of her "emerald eyes". All this personification is to builds up the character of the cat and sets a pleasant scene at the start of the poem. The author also uses quite a lot of hyperbole in order to set a quite elevated image in the readers head. ...read more.


The first poem tells the story and vividly describes the sadness and feelings of the people involved in the fire. Whereas the second poem is treated with a bit more levity and light-heartedness causing the reader to read it in a more up-beat, lively manner. Especially in the second poem there seems to be a lot more hyperbole in order to build up the events leading up to the drowning and it is told almost like a fable where you know what is going to happen and what the cat should no do yet it still happens and that is why the reader does not take it as seriously as the first poem. The second poem has a element of dramatic irony as the reader can guess that the cat is going to slip into the bowl but obviously the cat does not. A key point in both the poems is that the first poem you can picture happening and there is no trace of humour in it whilst in the second poem you can imagine a cat trying to catch fish by sweeping its paw in the surface of the water than accidentally falling in and there is an element of humour there. Moreover you can empathize with the people in the burning city yet you cannot empathize with the cat. This causes you take the first poem a lot more seriously. ...read more.

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