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The male gaze

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Danielle Silver English Bates 2-8-09 John Berger's Ways of Seeing resonates with Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" and Rembrandt's "Bathsheba at her Bath" because the male painters view the women as objects and have created highly sexualized images. In contrast, the two female painters Catherine Wiley and Sofonisba Anguissola have depicted women as modest, more realistic and personalized in "Summer Day at Newport" and in "Portrait of Sister Minerva". The phenomenon of "the Male Gaze" can best be seen by comparing a male view of a women and a female's view of a women in paintings. In these four images Picasso and Rembrandt put their own wants and needs in the paintings, whereas Wiley and Anguissola focus more on how a women would like to be viewed with equality and pride. "Bathsheba at her Bath" by Rembrandt truly shows the "male gaze" which "enables women to be a commodity" (What is the "male gaze" at http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com) ...read more.


As for Anguissola's piece uses the Jewelry as an accessory to accent the power and confidence she has for herself. As seen in one of the responses to "What is the "male Gaze"?" angrygirl states, "I think women have much more power now then ever before. I think not only do we know about the male gaze, but many of us control it and use it to our advantage" (What is the "male gaze" at http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com). Anguissola shows that the women knows how the male gaze works and by not giving into the nudity that the male sex wants she simply gives them the opposite in which, they want more. Similarly to Anguissola's painting, Wiley portrays women as elegant and humble. Although you cannot directly see the faces of the two women in Wiley's painting of "Summer Day at Newport", she uses very soft pastel colors which illustrates these women as proper and very delicate. The brushstrokes of Wiley's painting captures the emotional feeling of the women's appearance. ...read more.


soul, make her into an object, thereby enabling the man to handle her with greater safety, to use her as a toy" ( Scott Russell Sanders, Looking At Women, Georgia Review, Spring 1989, page 226). In Picasso's painting the women are being used as a toy, because he did not give distinct curves and detail to the woman's body it allows any man to look at the painting and see whatever shapes they desire. Whereas in Wiley's painting of the two women shows exactly what the men can see and nothing more. Picasso also puts these distorted masks on the women, simply portraying that the women are nothing more then an object and should not be viewed for the beauty that they have but for what men make of them. The two male artists and the two female artists both have very different views of women and how they should present themselves to others. Whether it be seductive and sensuous or suave and dainty, both show a very different definition and view about the "Male Gaze". ...read more.

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