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Compare and contrast the methods of seduction in La Belle Dame Sans Merci and The Seduction- Compare and contrast the consequences for each victim of seduction.

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci/The Seduction Question: - Compare and contrast the methods of seduction in La Belle Dame Sans Merci and The Seduction - Compare and contrast the consequences for each victim of seduction. The poem The Seduction is about a young girl who goes to a party. There she meets a boy who she believed she fell in love with. He took her to the quiet docks in Birkenhead where he seduced the girl by getting her drunk on Vodka. They end up having sex. Three months later the girl discovers that she is pregnant. She gets very angry and upset. In her rage she rips up all her magazines that led her to believe in romance and breaks the heels of her high white shoes, which she was wearing on the night of the seduction. The atmosphere in the first part of the poem is unpleasant. 'Blind windows' gives us the feeling of loneliness, that nobody can see them as the blinds are down and people are 'blond' to what is happening outside. The atmosphere is also dark and dirty. The Mersey is described as being 'as green as a sceptic wound', which implies that the atmosphere was as polluted as the seduction itself. ...read more.


Yet she is stuck with this for her whole life and it 'sickened' her 'every morning'. the morning sickness would leave after the pregnancy but the thought of how she ruined her childhood through something so morose that she interpreted as romantic will always sicken her. La Belle Dame Sans Merci is a ballad that tells the tragic love story of a knight seduced by a mysterious and evil fairy. The first three paragraphs of the poem are a mysterious voice asking the knight questions. The voice tells us that the knight is alone and appears to be ill and depressed. The rest of the poem tells how the knight met a beautiful lady and how she seduced him as he fell in love with her. Verses 9-11 tell us of a nightmare the kinght has in which kings and princes warned the knight of 'the merciless beautiful lady'. As the knight answers the questions set to him in verses 1-3, the poem moves backwards to the summer as the knight explains how he falls instantly in love with a 'beautiful' woman he met in the 'meads'. The woman's femininity and he 'wild wild eyes' attract and excite the knight. ...read more.


The seduction in The Seduction takes place at the quiet deserted docks. The setting in The seduction is man mase and modern, it is gloomy and dirty, whereas in La Belle Dame Sans Merci the seduction takes place in bright, natural countryside. In The Seduction the boy is in constant control as he 'led' the girl to the docks and 'brought he more drinks'. In contrast the control in La Belle Dame Sans Merci appears to shift from the Knight to the lady. In both poems the victims have not only been cheated by people they thought loved them, but also by their own ideas of romance. They are both left all alone to deal with the consequences of the seduction's. The girl is left 'in the cool locked darkness of her room' whereas the Knight is left 'on the cold hillside'. Although these two setting are in completely different environments, the both leave the victims cold and cut off from the rest of the world. In both poems it is suggested that life is over for the victims. In La Belle Dame Sans Merci the Knight has 'a lily on thy brow' which implies he is near death and in The Seduction the girls Childhood is over and she will lose the chance to experience many things that girls not in her situation can. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sarah Brown ...read more.

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