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'The Jaguar' by Ted Hughes 'In Mrs. Tilschers Class' by Carol Ann Duffy

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Mark O'Neill 13/11/02 'The Jaguar' by Ted Hughes 'In Mrs. Tilschers Class' by Carol Ann Duffy Out both the poems I prefer 'The Jaguar' because it is more exciting. It has a slow start and builds up to the main event, whereas 'In Mrs. Tilschers Class' it a biographical poem about the author and there last year in primary school, which reminds me of my days in the last year of primary school which is interesting. The first stanza in 'The Jaguar' is slow and boring. You can tell this because of the vocabulary used in the stanza, things such as 'apes yawn'. It also uses senses by saying 'the parrots shriek' which is hearing. 'As if they were on fire' means that the parrot's coloured wings look like fire the way they are flapping them. ...read more.


Stanza two in 'The Jaguar' goes on to describe more of the boring zoo animals like lions and tigers just lazing around, the poet describes them as flat. So the poem is building up to the main event even though it is still boring and slow. The poem starts to get better but not drastically better. The second stanza in 'In Mrs. Tilschers Class' says that the children prefer school to home because of the safety and it's stimulating. It then refers to Brady and Hindley the moor murderers because of the fact that they are about to go into adolescence and changing from primary to secondary school. This is when the poem slows down to say evil is just around the corner, the secondary school. ...read more.


Stanza four in 'The Jaguar' is describing the jaguar as fierce with red eyes, it wants to do something violent, and it's mental. It is also not been tamed so you don't want to get too close to it. The fourth stanza in 'In Mrs. Tilschers Class' is when the children start to get excited but scared because it's the end of a chapter in there life, there growing up and hormones are kicking in. Then they are desperate to get out so they run through the gates, then the last line is about there is no turning back, the only way is forward. The last stanza in 'The Jaguar' says that the jaguar will not give in; it's determined to get back out into wild, it feels that it is too huge and magnificent to be in the zoo. ...read more.

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