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Biography of Carol Watson.

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Biography of Carol Watson Carol Watson was born on October 30th 1952 at the Western General hospital to parents Ann Watson and William Watson. Carol's earliest memories were of living in prefab houses in Gilmerton, 1956. She was around four years old at this time, and she recalls how "every night she would sit and wait for her father" - my grandfather - "coming home from work on his pedal bike at tea time." If it was a Friday, she would get her pocket money. She would get "thru pence" and her brother Billy would get "sixpence" as he was four years older. Her cousin Annie lived next door and they played together a lot and were always exchanging clothes. She and Annie were always getting into scraps. Perhaps the one that sticks out in her mind is when her mother told them not to play with the Arthur children as one of them had head lice, they asked to play and Carol said: "no, my mum won't let me because you have nits in your hair." Of course they went and told their mum what Carol had said to them, and the next thing she knew her mum and Mrs. Arthur were yelling at each other over rows of washing lines in the back gardens. Later in the year on a summer morning they moved into a flat. ...read more.


She recalls how Graham's dad was not a happy man. Carol's dad explained what Graham had been doing to Billy and said maybe he'd think twice about doing it again, and then slammed the door. Billy never got any more bother from Graham after that. Carol recalls how the school she was at was an old school; they had big old desks that sat 4 people at a desk. Carol remembers how if one of them wanted something from their desk all four of had to take their arms off the desk to open the big lids. A new school was built when Carol was about eight years old. She lived in a good community and had good friends, and she really enjoyed her childhood. A few years later (1964) she moved into Craig Royston High School, and experienced being a teenager in the 60's "A few of my favourite bands were The Beatles and Led Zeppelin...". It's where she met her life long friend Gina Graham. By this time her brother Billy was at another High School - Ainslie Park. They moved into a 5 bedroom house as she now had two younger sisters, Denise - my mother - and Frances. The summers now seemed longer and hotter than when she was younger. She met her first boyfriend at High School, his name was John and they were together for almost two years. ...read more.


That night when Carol got home David gave her the beating of her life, and she couldn't walk for days. Billy was worried and told his father, who then helped Carol get out of her marriage and she took full custody of her child Mark. A new life: Carol got a new house in England, far away from David, and a new job working for the Orange phone company. She regained a healthy weight and her brother Billy also moved down to England with his new wife Ina. They live in the same street now. One afternoon when she was working at Orange, a window cleaner was outside. She recognized him immediately. It was John, her first boyfriend from High School. He also recognized her and lots of hugs and tears were shared. Later on in the year they married and had a child together, he was named Keith. Revisiting the past: One evening when Carol was in Sainsbury's she saw David's sister. She came over and said hello. Carol was shocked as she had tried to forget that period of her life and she started to panic and thought that David might be there. However, David's sister told Carol he died three years previously from a heroin overdose in a flat on his own. She felt guilty but also relieved. For once she could be completely at ease and has never been happier. She has her own family with John, a good job and family nearby. ...read more.

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