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The £1,000,000 Bank Note by Mark Twain - summary

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The �1,000,000 Bank Note (1893) By Mark Twain The book I have chosen to do is The �1,000,000 pound Bank-Note, it's a classic book written in 1893. The reason I read this book was because it was written by Mark Twain a world renown author and also I enjoyed a movie which was slightly based on this book (Trading Places, staring Eddie Murphy and Dan Acroyd)(1983). It is quite a popular story which has been reproduced in movie form many times. This book is slightly cofusing because at one stage it says the man has 5 one million pound note but at all other occasions he only has one. the main characters name is not given until near the end of the book. Entry 1 This story is a recount it is being recounted by the main character of the story, who is currently nameless. In the first paragraph he explains that he is alone in the world and is bound to sucsess because of his wits and clean reputation. He then goes on saying that every Saturday he would spend his time sailing in a small boat but one day he had traveled to far and got lost. Luckily a boat had picked him up and took him to London (from USA). When he arrived in England he had only one dollar which kept him alive for a day but the next 24 hours he ramained in the street. The when he was on the streets, a butler asksed him to come into a house, there he met two old rich brothers who gave him an envelope, the old men tell him to open it later. The main character explains that the men had a bet in which Brother A said if a honest poor man was issued with a �1,000,000 bank note, he could survive by using that note in anyway for 30 days. ...read more.


At first he was at the bottom of the personal gossip column, but as his popularity increaced he contiued climb up the columns until he was second only to the King of England. He then is mentioned in "Punch"(an acclaimed newspaper) once he was mentioned in their he was concidered a made man and he was now a high figure in society. He was now recognised where ever he went. So he decided to start appering in his old cloathes so that he could buy things and see the shock on peoples faces when he pulled out the million pound note. But after a while a drawing of the cloathes appered in the newspapers so he could not appear in them without anyone recognising him. He is now becoming a celebrity, which makes me think that is he does not win the bet what will he do, not only will he be is huge debt he will also be concided a con man because that's how the media will portray him. Entry 4 He then is invited to a dinner party which was to be hosted by the American Minister to England. When they began to start talking they realised that the minister used to be friends with the his father. They then became good friends and the man assumed that when people find out that he is not really a millionare the Amreican Minister could some how help him. He is now accumilating friends in high places and is being treated like a real millionare. He also explains that he had estimated what his salary might be and with this estimation, he attempted to keep within it so that he could pay back all of his loans. He thinks that his sallary would be about �600 to �1000 a year. So far he is only in one years debt and is now trying not to excide that point by to much more. ...read more.


They are about to leave when the old man says that he wants to give him the situation, but Henry says that he does not want one because they have done more then enough for him already. Portia got angry and said that he should not be ungreatful, and then she goes over to the old man who won the bet and kissed him on the lips. Then the two men began to laugh and Henry did not have the slightest idea what was going on. Portia then says to the man whose lap she is in "Papa, he has said you haven't a situation in your gift that he'd take; and I feel just as hurt as." Then in shock Henry asks if that man is really her father, she says that he is her step father and that's why she was laughing when he told her the story because she knew that it was her father and her Uncle Able who had done this bet. This seems to be alitlle unbelievable an di think that this is quite an unimpresive ending and could have been better. Henry then asks if he can have one situation which the man can give him and that is, his Son-in-Law, the man agrees. The man then cashed the note and was given it back once it was cancled then he gave the note in a frame to Henry and Portia, for there wedding present. Henry ware greatful for the note because he realised that he would probably be dead without it and he would have never of met Portia. This was an intresting book but it could have been written better, and with less mistakes. In my opinion this book was not worth the paper on which it was written, the idea may have been ingenius but the way in which it was portrayed was simply boreing, slow and outlandish. The �1,000,000 Bank Note Zohab Khan Page 1 of 6 ...read more.

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