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Biomechanics Assignment 2

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Biomechanics Assignment 2 Notational Analysis Tennis (Individual Sport) Performance Criteria: * Forehand error's * Backhand error's * Percentage of first serves in * Return Success Rate * Number of Winners created Forehand Errors need to be monitored as it affects the outcome of the game, having less forehand errors will improve the consistency of the athlete to win the point. This will be reasonably difficult to record as at an elite level it will be quite fast paced and they will be many shots being played within a rally. Backhand Errors will be relatively the same as above, Recording will be reasonably hard but as long as I focus on the individual player it should be quite accessible. Percentage of First Serves in is a good start to a players game as have a high percentage of first serves in gives you a higher chance of winning the point quickly as it is the stronger serve. This will be easy to record as it is quite simple to see and the judges call it in or out. Return Success Rate allows the player to be able to have a chance of winning the point from the opponents serve, if the athlete had a low return success rate it would mean that the he/she would struggle to win the game. ...read more.


Mode: The mode of a distribution with a discrete random variable is the value of the term that occurs the most often. It is not uncommon for a distribution with a discrete random variable to have more than one mode, especially if there are not many terms. This happens when two or more terms occur with equal frequency, and more often than any of the others. A distribution with two modes is called bimodal. A distribution with three modes is called trimodal. The mode of a distribution with a continuous random variable is the maximum value of the function. As with discrete distributions, there may be more than one mode. Range: The range of a distribution with a discrete random variable is the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value. For a distribution with a continuous random variable, the range is the difference between the two extreme points on the distribution curve, where the value of the function falls to zero. For any value outside the range of a distribution, the value of the function is equal to 0. Standard Deviation: Standard deviation measures the stretch of data concerning the mean value. It is helpful in comparing sets of data which may have the same mean but a different range. ...read more.


This is because Rafael Nadal has a weaker serve speed than Andy Murray. With an average serve speed of 115 MPH, It is easier for Djokovic to return and direct Nadal's Serves. In comparison, Andy Murray has an average serve speed of 128 MPH which henceforth makes it more challenging for Djokovic to return. This trend that has been explained is supported by the results on the bar chart. Djokovic is a generally quick player and is quick on his feet. Return Success Rate is one of his strengths of his game. Bar Chart To Show Winners Made In Both Games: The Bar graph shows that Djokovic had made more winners against Nadal than Murray but only by a small amount difference. However, although the data collected is reliable as it is from the Australian Open, if it was data that was collected from the entire grand slams this year; I believe that Djokovic would have conflicted more winners against Murray than Nadal as Nadal is one of the quickest players in tennis today and has a very impressive reputation for being a counter-winner player. Statistics aside, according to professional reviewers, it was told that Nadal was a weaker hard court player and Murray was a strong hard court player. This trend is shown within the data shown. ?? ?? ?? ?? Will Hawkins Biomechanics ...read more.

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