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Catalase Investigation - Core practical

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Investigation into the amount of potato discs effecting oxygen produced. Introduction The purpose of this investigation is to find out whether the amount of Catalase affects the volume of oxygen produced. The Catalase I will use is in potato. It contains catalytic enzymes such as Catalase. To measure the volume of oxygen produced, I will use an upturned syringe filled with water and a tube leading from the reaction in the test tube. The oxygen will collect in the syringe and give us a measurement. For my Hypothesis, I predict that adding more potato discs will give more oxygen produced. This is because Catalase increases the rate of reactions as it is an enzyme which is a natural catalyst. This will speed up the decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide. Hopefully, this experiment will lead to a conclusion reflecting the statements made in my prediction. Variables Variables are factors in an experiment which can be altered or varied. ...read more.


If we didn't control this, more substrate would change the saturation point of each experiment making the results different. * The pH of the reaction - we added a buffer solution to the substrate so the pH would not change. If we didn't control this, the pH may have changed to increase the rate of reaction. * The Concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide used - we used the same bottle of hydrogen peroxide which was 20vol in concentration. If we didn't control this, there would be more substrate molecules which would change the saturation point of each experiment making the results different. * The type of enzyme and substrate - we used the same enzyme (Catalase) and substrate (H2O2) so the reaction would be the same. If we didn't control this, different enzymes would have different rates of reaction. * The source of the enzyme - we used the same potato because different potatoes may have more enzymes due to age. ...read more.


Method There were many ways we could have improved the method, here is a list of these factors: * Repeated the experiment 3 times for more reliability. * Do the experiment in a water bath so the temperature does not change during the experiment. * Have somebody to place the bung on the test tube as soon as the reaction begins. Conclusion As predicted in my hypothesis, my conclusion proves that as more potato discs are added, the volume of oxygen produced will increase. The evidence that supports this theory is the scatter graphs and results as they show a positive correlation to the enzyme and the volume of oxygen produced. Catalysts are used to speed up a reaction without being involved in the reaction process. This means that when I add more potato discs, I will speed up the reaction because more enzymes will react with the substrate. The reaction goes to a halt at some point in the results because all of the enzyme molecules have bonded with the substrate. ...read more.

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