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Examine the ways in which social policy and laws influence families and household

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Examine the ways in which social policy and laws influence families and household Social policy laws cover areas such as divorce, changes to the benefit system which affect family income, reforms to the education system adoption/fostering and employment. With more strain placed on the family unit than ever before, shifts in policy have been designed to alleviate some of the stress and increase support. In a step away from the conventional support for the nuclear family unit of a married couple and children, the Government pledged to support all families with equal vigor, regardless of the relationship between the mother and father. Almost every policy passed through Parliament will have a degree of influence on at least one member of the family collective. Social policy has a direct impact on family household. For example divorce legislation. It is easier to get a divorce this is a good impact on the family because some marriage do not work out and the family falls apart because more violence and argument happens when the marriage is not working out. ...read more.


Also the father abandons their responsibility as they would believe that the state would look after the children. Also the welfare state provides free education and also health care to all the people who live in the UK. Educational policies have also been introduced to improve the national standard of primary and secondary school education and incentives are being offered to some teenagers who choose to attend sixth-form college.This is a good impact on the family because the children would be in school and also it's compulsory. The children won't be out in the streets. Where they can get a free education and be something later on in life this gives more career options. There are also a child policy aimed at children has evolved significantly in recent years with a reduction in child poverty the principal aim. Support for parents in terms of helping to find jobs and financial benefits aims to reduce financial pressure on parents and increased support with practical and emotional matters aim to ensure each child is cared for and able to achieve their full potential. ...read more.


Policy is sometime to do with work for example maternity leave and paternity leave. When a woman has a baby she would need time off from work to look after her child. Therefore the women is given more time off work that a man and guaranteed to be able to go back to her job at the end of her maternity leave. But some mothers need more time off from work because the child might be ill or she just cant liver her child alone or afford childcare even though she is working. In many cases the man won't have the same relationship with the baby or take on as much off the caring of the child. It is only since April 2003 new fathers have been entitled to 2 weeks paid paternity leave. Some father would want more time off work because they would want to help around with the baby. If employers don't have to allow employees with families to work fewer hours and one partners job pays a lot more, that can affect decision making in families about which partner works full time. Tanya Syeda Sociology ...read more.

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