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Barclays Bank

Extracts from this document...


Running Head: BARCLAYS BANK Barclays Bank [Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] Barclays Bank Intr?ducti?n In ?ny c?nt?mp?r?ry ?p?r?ting ?rg?ni??ti?n, pr?gr??? th?t th? c?mp?ny i? m?king i? r?c?rd?d ?? b??i? ?f ??????ing th? ?t?w?rd?hip ?f m?n?g?m?nt ?nd f?r m?king ?c?n?mic d?ci?i?n?. ? fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt ?n?ly?i? i? ?n? ?uch y?rd?tick th?t t?k?? int? c?n?id?r?ti?n curr?nt ?nd futur? fin?nci?l ?itu?ti?n in ?n ?tt?mpt t? d?t?rmin? ? fin?nci?l ?tr?t?gy t? h?lp ?chi?v? ?rg?niz?ti?n?l g??l?. ?? f?rm?lly d?fin?d by I in 1998, fin?nci?l ?n?ly?i? 'i? ?n inf?rm?ti?n pr?c???ing ?y?t?m u??d t? pr?vid? r?l?v?nt inf?rm?ti?n f?r d?ci?i?n m?king' . V?ri?u? ?cc?unt? fr?m th? publi?h?d fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? ?r? ?v?lu?t?d in r?l?ti?n t? ??ch ?th?r t? f?rm p?rf?rm?nc? indic?t?r?, which ?r? th?n c?mp?r?d t? '??t?bli?h?d' ?t?nd?rd?. R?ti?? ?r? n?rm?lly c?lcul?t?d fr?m th? fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? t? ?????? th? pr?fit?bility, ??lv?ncy, w?rking c?pit?l m?n?g?m?nt, liquidity, ?nd fin?nci?l ?tructur? ?f ?n ?rg?niz?ti?n. Th?y m?y ?l?? b? c?lcul?t?d ?v?r ? p?ri?d t? ?n?bl? ?n ?n?ly?i? ?f tr?nd? t? b? f?rmul?t?d ?r c?mp?r?d t? ?th?r ?imil?r c?mp?ni?? ?r indu?try ?v?r?g??. Fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? ?r?, ?cc?rding t? (1994 ), th? 'univ?r??lly ?cc?pt?d t??l? f?r ?n?ly?i? ?f ? bu?in??? ?ntity'. If pr?p?rly und?r?t??d, th?y l?t th? u??r? kn?w h?w g??d ? c?mp?ny l??k? ?nd h?w w?ll it h?? b??n d?ing. Th?y ?r?, ?t b??t, ?n ?ppr?xim?ti?n ?f ?c?n?mic r??lity b?c?u?? ?f th? ??l?ctiv? r?p?rting ?f ?c?n?mic ?v?nt? by th? ?cc?unting ?y?t?m, c?mp?und?d by ?lt?rn?tiv? ?cc?unting m?th?d? ?nd ??tim?t?? ( 2003). Th? purp??? ?f fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? i? t? pr?vid? u??r? (bu?in??? ?wn?r?, l?nd?r?, m?n?g?r?, ?uppli?r?, cu?t?m?r?, ?tt?rn?y? ?nd litig?nt? ...read more.


w?rld by M?rk?t c?pit?liz?ti?n ($71.6 billi?n) ( 2006' 2006). B?rcl?y?' Pr???nt?ti?n ?f Fin?nci?l Inf?rm?ti?n (I?? 1) Th? Gr?up h?? ?d?pt?d th? r?quir?m?nt? ?f Int?rn?ti?n?l Fin?nci?l R?p?rting ?t?nd?rd? ?nd Int?rn?ti?n?l ?cc?unting ?t?nd?rd? (c?ll?ctiv?ly IFR?) ?? ?d?pt?d by th? ?ur?p??n Uni?n f?r th? fir?t tim? f?r th? purp??? ?f pr?p?ring fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? f?r th? y??r ?nd?d 31?t D?c?mb?r 2005. Th? ?ff?ct? ?f th? tr?n?iti?n ?nd ? d??cripti?n ?f th? diff?r?nc?? b?tw??n UK G??P (th? f?rm?r ?cc?unting ?t?nd?rd u??d by B?rcl?y?) ?nd IFR? ?cc?unting p?lici??, which ?r? p?rv??iv? thr?ugh?ut l??t y??r'? fin?nci?l r??ult?, ?r? pr???nt?d in th?ir ?nnu?l R?p?rt ( ). Th? ?bj?ctiv? ?f I?? 1 (r?vi??d 1997) i? t? pr??crib? th? b??i? f?r pr???nt?ti?n ?f g?n?r?l purp??? fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt?, t? ?n?ur? c?mp?r?bility b?th with th? ?ntity'? fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? ?f pr?vi?u? p?ri?d? ?nd with fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? ?f ?th?r ?ntiti??. I?? 1 ??t? ?ut th? ?v?r?ll fr?m?w?rk ?nd r??p?n?ibiliti?? f?r th? pr???nt?ti?n ?f fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt?, guid?lin?? f?r th?ir ?tructur? ?nd minimum r?quir?m?nt? f?r th? c?nt?nt ?f th? fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt?. ?t?nd?rd? f?r r?c?gnizing, m???uring, ?nd di?cl??ing ?p?cific tr?n??cti?n? ?r? ?ddr????d in ?th?r ?t?nd?rd? ?nd Int?rpr?t?ti?n?. ?n ?x?min?ti?n ?f th? Gr?up'? 2005 ?nnu?l R?p?rt (2005) ?h?w? th?t B?rcl?y?' ??t ?f fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? includ? ? c?n??lid?t?d inc?m? ?t?t?m?nt (), ? c?n??lid?t?d b?l?nc? ?h??t (p. 148), c??h fl?w ?t?t?m?nt () ?nd n?t?? (), c?mpri?ing ? ?umm?ry ?f ?cc?unting p?lici?? ?nd ?th?r ?xpl?n?t?ry n?t??, ?nd ? ?t?t?m?nt ?f ch?ng?? in ?quity () ?? r?quir?d in I?? 1.8. Th? ?xi?t?nc? ?f ? c??h fl?w ?t?t?m?nt ???i?t? th? u??r? ?f B?rcl?y?' fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? in pr?dicting th? ?ntity'? ...read more.


n/? n/? n/? n/? R?t?in?d Pr?fit / L??? n/? n/? n/? n/? n/? B?l?nc? ?h??t Y??r ?nd?d 31 D?c?mb?r 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 � milli?n? Int?ngibl? ????t? 10402.0 8296.0 7307.0 7291.0 4657.0 T?ngibl? ????t? 4674.0 2996.0 2492.0 2754.0 2282.0 Fix?d Inv??tm?nt? 65317.0 43449.0 228.0 546.0 429.0 T?t?l Fix?d ????t? 1372.0 644000.0 440844.0 399920.0 7368.0 ?t?ck? n/? n/? n/? n/? n/? D?bt?r? n/? n/? n/? n/? 1772.0 C??h ?t B?nk ?nd in H?nd n/? n/? n/? n/? n/? T?t?l ????t? 2053.0 1227.0 996787.0 924357.0 715600.0 Cr?dit?r? ?m?unt Within 1 y??r n/? n/? n/? n/? 84409.0 Cr?dit?r? ?m?unt ?ft?r 1 y??r n/? n/? n/? n/? n/? T?t?l Li?biliti?? 2005.0 1194.0 969397.0 899927.0 696983.0 N?t ????t? 47800.0 32994.0 27390.0 24430.0 18617.0 N?t Curr?nt ????t? n/? n/? n/? n/? n/? C?ll?d Up ?h?r? C?pit?l 2093.0 1651.0 1634.0 1623.0 1614.0 ?h?r? Pr?mium ?cc?unt 4045.0 56.0 5818.0 5650.0 5524.0 ?th?r R???rv?? 6272.0 614.0 178.0 1196.0 1365.0 Pr?fit ?nd L??? ?cc?unt 24208.0 20970.0 12169.0 8957.0 6784.0 ?h?r?h?ld?r? Fund? 36618.0 23291.0 19799.0 17426.0 15287.0 Min?rity Int?r??t? 10793.0 9185.0 7591.0 7004.0 3330.0 K?y Figur?? Y??r ?nd?d 31 D?c?mb?r 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 ??ring? P?r ?h?r? B??ic (p) 59.30 68.90 70.02 54.40 n/? ??ring? P?r ?h?r? Dilut?d (p) 57.50 66.70 67.98 52.60 n/? ??ring? P?r ?h?r? ?dju?t?d (p) 59.30 68.90 70.02 54.40 n/? ??rning? P?r ?h?r? Gr?wth (%) -14 -2 29 n/? n/? T?t?l Divid?nd (p) 11.50 34.00 30.19 26.60 24.00 ?p?r?ting M?rgin (%) 26 30 32 29 29 R?C? (%) 9 16 34 29 32 Divid?nd C?v?r 5.16 2.03 2.32 2.05 n/? Divid?nd Yi?ld 7.50 6.90 4.20 4.50 4.20 Pric? / ??rning? R?ti? 2.60 7.10 10.20 10. ...read more.

The above preview is unformatted text

This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Accounting & Finance section.

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