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T-Mobile Marketing Strategy

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A business analysis of T-Mobile Marketing section Lewis Cuddy Marketing Just like any other company T-Mobile are in business to make the maximum profit possible for their shareholders. In order to do this they must market their products and services effectively. This involves using the four P's of the marketing mix T-Mobile uses several factors to target different marketing segments. These segments are age, lifestyle, job and income. They tailor their packages and offers to attract a chosen market area. An example of this can be shown by a package offered by T-Mobile called "Mates Rates". With Mates Rates you can get cheaper text and calls to 10 chosen numbers, this is aimed at people who have a select group of contacts. Mates Rates is a unique form of penetration pricing, T-Mobile offer a cheap and efficient package in the hope that their customers will then upgrade to a more expensive package. Competitor business O2 has received a lot of sales and publicity from having an exclusivity deal with the Apple iPhone. Google is currently in the process of creating two new mobile phones, the G1 and G2. These phones are said to be very similar to the iPhone although they will be running Google's own operating system, 'Android'. ...read more.


Extension strategy When a product reaches maturity businesses will begin an extension strategy to try and prevent their product entering decline. Businesses will spend a lot of money on research and development to come up with an effective extension strategy. Basic strategies used are: * Targeting different market segments * Re-branding * New packaging * Modifying product features * Re-pricing As previously stated T-Mobile will often use a well planned strategy to maintain sales for example; T-Mobile begin selling a new phone priced at �400, although it does not gain many sales it gains a lot of publicity and any sales made make a lot of profit. The price is gradually lowered to �199 at which point it makes the most sales and then sales begin to decline until the phone becomes forgotten and T-Mobile make no attempt at advertising it. When sales begin to decline T-Mobile may implement an extension strategy such as offering a better contract with the phone, unlimited internet usage, unlimited texts and calls etc. Advertising T-Mobiles slogan is "Life's for sharing" and they employ this theme of togetherness in their adverts too. Since T-Mobile has so many competitors they put a lot of funding into advertising in order to achieve unique and attractive adverts. ...read more.


Store location The above picture shows the placement of a T-Mobile store in the Birmingham Bullring. The store attracts a lot of passing customers that are heading to other stores or exits. Neighbouring shops include 'Abbey' and 'Suits You', these stores typically attract wealthy business customers therefore this could lead to impulse buying of a T-Mobile product. The T-Mobile store is located next to 'bull' a very well known attraction and often used as a meeting point. This means that people nearby will be occupying their time by looking in shop windows and could therefore be attracted to T-Mobile. Store location This satellite photo shows the placement of a T-Mobile store. The store is located on Corporation Street, one of the busiest streets in Birmingham. Also shown on the image is the placement of a McDonald's store. In business McDonalds is renowned for getting prime store locations as restaurants rely on passing trade, this exemplifies the amount of shoppers that will pass the T-Mobile store. The T-Mobile is specifically located on a busy corner, this means that there is a heavy amount of passing trade, T-Mobile utilize appealing window displays to attract this passing trade to their store. This can thus result in shoppers conducting an 'impulse buy' of a product that they had no intention of purchasing. ...read more.

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