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Gothic Story - Thorn in the Heart

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Gothic Story - Thorn in the Heart The Williamsons were an average, pleasant 19th century family, yet not so average in some ways, well not since... that day. That day changed their pleasant lives forever, they could never forget, never move on, they couldn't, they wouldn't be allowed, and no they would never be the same. It was a typical morning in the Williamson household, Jane wouldn't get up for school, Alison was restless and Peter wouldn't stop kicking his ball. Their mother, Elaine was hectically attempting to cook breakfast with little help from anyone. She called repeatedly, "Breakfasts ready come down", but to no avail, I guess that's the way it always was. The family lived in a small village in South Wales it was undisturbed, no disorder of any kind, only a few old folk tales the old dears of the town would tell from generations past, to scare the young children, but nothing to worry about. Elaine disagreed with old folk tales she thought they poisoned young peoples minds with witchcraft and Satanism, Alison wasn't allowed to go to any of the campfires where the old women would always have a newer, scarier tale to tell. She resented her mother for that, all her friends went, why couldn't she? ...read more.


Her mother spoke in that tone, the one which let Alison know she was in serious trouble, "And where do you think you were young lady? Don't lie to me now, tell the truth." Alison looked to Jane for support, but she was gone, she spoke quietly, "I was at Sarah's house." Her mothers face reddened, "Oh you were? And why is it that I think otherwise, try again Alison and be very very careful." She just called her Alison that was a very bad sign; she was never called her full name unless she was in big trouble. Alison fretted, "I went to see Cordellia with Sarah." Her mothers face got redder, "Oh yes and who said you could go there?" Alison wiped her brow, the room seemed to be getting hotter, "Uhh nobody." Her mother grinned, "Yes that's right and for that reason you are grounded for a month, you know how I feel about that nonsense, now get to your bed." Alison ran upstairs, meeting Jane at the top, Jane pleaded, " I had to tell her Ally, and she was going to call the police." The door slammed in her face, Alison was not amused. The next morning glares were thrown across the table, Peter watched on obliviously. ...read more.


Jane knew what was wrong she felt guilty, it was her fault for letting her go to the campfire, but she knew what to do. Jane was an unpronounced Wiccan herself, she left Alison's room and went downstairs to call a doctor, a witchdoctor. When he arrived he looked very worried, he instantly said to Jane, "Blodewedd is here, where is she?" Jane took him upstairs, explaining the circumstances. They entered the room to find Alison singing to herself, gazing into the mirror, her mother had passed out on the ground. Alison turned to them both and grinned, she jumped on her bed, bouncing and screaming, "Haha! You thought you all had me, but I'm back, I'm back you can't stop me!" It clearly wasn't Alison anymore, she looked different, more mature, and beautiful, yet ugly her voice was different. The witchdoctor replied to her, "We did not put you away, your father did, and we do not wish to harm you." Alison made a hideous cackle and lunged at Jane tossing her to the ground, she pulled at her hair, the witchdoctor had no choice, he struck her with a lamp, and she lay still. Jane stood up, peering at her sister's body, was she...? She couldn't say it or even think it. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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