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Gregory's Girl

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Gregory's Girl The Missing Scene An empty classroom in school. During a free period. Carol, Susan, Dorothy and Margo are sitting on desks, chatting. Susan What? Phil's got a moustache? Carol Yeah! Margo What does he look like? Susan Like a cheap version of Hitler! (They all laugh) Dorothy He commands like Hitler too! Carol (In a weak German accent) Pass zee ball, tackle zee sticker! Dive Andy dive! Margo Speaking of Andy, have you all heard about his and Charlie's latest attempt to lose their virginity? (All answer with a shake of their heads) Well, they've found a place in South America, Caracas... (Susan interrupts quickly.) Susan ...where all the women are blind? (Laughter fills the room.) Margo No, they said that for every man out there, there are eight women! Dorothy And they think that these eight women will oblige? Susan I expect so, they're adolescent boys after all! (The rest agree with vigorous nods.) Carol Not all boys are like that! ...read more.


Margo He's a wee bit pathetic, isn't he! I mean he plays football like an OAP and is about as flexible as a curtain pole! And by the sounds of it, speaks about as much Italian as the Chinese President! (They all laugh at Margo's unexpected outburst of insulting sarcasm. Susan uses an unconvincing fake laugh, Carol picks up on this. Carol Are you ok, Susan? Susan Um..yes..me..fine, why? (Margo realizes what's going on.) Margo You like him, don't you? Susan (Highly pitched) Who? Margo Gregory the pathetic goaly! Susan (Quickly) He's not pathetic! (Margo, Carol and Dorothy all look at Susan, shocked. They all gradually smile!) Dorothy You do like him, don't you? Susan No, I just don't think he's pathetic, that's all! Carol Oh c'mon, everybody thinks he's a pathetic mug! Susan (Forcefully) Well, I don't! Margo So you must like him a wee bit, if you don't think he's pathetic! Susan (Uncomfortably) No. Dorothy Tell you what, we could set you two up! ...read more.


And it'll take his mind of Dorothy and the fact she's just been stood up! Also it'll show him that he likes other girls, not just Dorothy! Margo That's a good idea! I'll wait for you outside Capaldi's. Susan Yeah, and Carol you can call me from the phone box outside to tell me how is he, ok? Carol Yep (To Margo) Then I'll leave you and Gregory alone! Dorothy I'm sure she'll manage! Margo Then we'll walk up to the recreation fields, then I'll leave you two alone ok, Susan? Susan Great, you know what I feel so nervous, yet really excited! Carol I'd feel nervous to knowing you're going to be listening to his terrible jokes all night! (All snigger) Susan I like his jokes! Anyway, are we going through with this? Margo Why not? Dorothy You've got nothing to lose! Carol Except your dignity! (The bell rings to signify the end of the free period) Susan Yeah, but I lost that a while ago! (They all laugh as they leave the room and enter a crowded corridor) Jordon Owen Jordon Owen ...read more.

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