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Holden's Cry for Help

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Christina Abad English II CPE April 21, 2009 Mrs. Silva Holden's Cry for Help Often in America, citizens are placed into mental institutes due to mental breakdowns, but do you know the real reason behind them? Holden, a main character in the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger, goes through many mental breakdowns, but he struggles through many issues throughout his life that lead him to the point of confusion, loneliness. He has a negative and horrible outlook on life, and has trouble dealing with reality. Holden is constantly trying to fill his life with something that he never actually stops to think about what he needs, all he does is think of the worst possible conditions. He is misbehaved young boy who seems to continuously get kicked out of boarding schools. Holden is constantly thinking about depressive thoughts of his past. Through out the novel Holden is faced with everyday life conflicts and it that cause him to fall apart inside and out. The Internal conflict of Holden not being able to accept his brothers' death leads to his mental breakdown, this causes Holden to deal with the feeling of guilt, the feeling of frustration, and the loss of concentration. ...read more.


Holden describes the day after his brother's death, and how he is filled with such anger and loneliness, he punches through all the glass doors in his garage. This required him to go to the hospital, and unfortunately his stay at the hospital forced him to miss his brother's funeral. "When the weather's nice, my parents go out quite frequently and stick a bunch of flowers on old Allie's grave. I went with them a couple of times, but I cut it out. In the first place, I don't enjoy seeing him in that crazy cemetery. Surrounded by dead guys and tombstones and all. It wasn't too bad when the sun was out, but twice - twice - we were there when it started to rain. It was awful. It rained on his lousy tombstone, and it rained on the grass on his stomach. It rained all over the place. All the visitors that were visiting the cemetery started running like hell over to their cars. That's what nearly drove me crazy. All the visitors could get in their cars and turn on their radios and all and then go someplace nice for dinner - everybody except Allie. ...read more.


so many memories together, and now that he's gone he tries to run away from the truth and make it seem like Allie is still here when he is really not. Holden even takes Phoebe to the zoo and she goes on the carousel and it made him smile because of the good memories he has there with Allie. In this novel, Holden has an extremely difficult time facing reality, but he has an even harder time coping with Allie's death. Allie obviously played an extremely large role in his life. It was almost as if that when Allie past away he felt like he didn't have anybody because he was just so depressed and that was all that he could think of. He had difficulty facing the truth. But throughout this novel his respect towards Allie increases to the point that he doesn't like when even a bad thought is laid upon him. Holden talked to Allie even though he wasn't really there because he didn't want to let him go. The loss of Allie changes Holden's outlook on life and others in a negative way, causing him to feel nothing but guilt, frustration, and loss of concentration. ...read more.

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