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It was a stormy day in Kampa level B-14.

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11/3/2001 It was a stormy day in Kampa level B-14. The Kougar team were preparing for their first mission with the new recruits. Gavin was the founder of Kougar, he was 27 and had been with Kougar for two years. In his time with the rebel group he had destroyed numerous security robots and killed numerous people. He had nothing against these people; they were simply in the way. The aim of Kougar in the long run was to have a democratic system in Toblia. They lived in Kampa, which was a city in Toblia, which was a country in the continent of Tobliamenton. They were probably not going about their views in the most peaceful way but nothing else had worked. Gavin was trying to prepare the team for one of their most dangerous missions yet, although the team didn't realise what the mission was at present. Kougar were to destroy the Malik robot factory. Malik was a big Andro-Technics company that produced robots for most of the aristocracy in Tobliamenton. Gavin had come to the conclusion that if they caused a stir in the aristocracy that they could put the president under such stress that he would retire. This would be where Kougar moved in, they could put forth the idea of a democratic system! This was to no avail yet, however. Despite Gavin's numerous attempts he was getting the same results, nothing. The rest of the team were Jed, Swift, Gamma and Rox. The team had asked for recruitments recently and were well rewarded with several people. Some of them had quitted early because they couldn't handle the pressure of the initiation training. The two who were left were a nervous looking girl, Rox, and a good fighter, Swift. Jed and was dark haired and tall with a reasonable and fair attitude. He was twenty-five. The girls, Gamma and Rox were also very different. ...read more.


'My turn.' Swift said as he kneeled down to connect the explosive to the mainframe computer. The small explosion here would destroy the precious equipment around them, bringing the factory to a standstill. Once this happened, the virus that Swift was setting into the computer would activate the self-destruct mechanism, which would immediately blow the entire factory apart. The time between the small timed explosion being started and the large self destruct explosion finishing was approximately 3 minutes so Swift would have to move fast. 'I'm outta here Swift.' Gavin said. 'Follow me up as soon as you've finished.' Swift didn't appreciate being left but decided that he would rather be alone than with Gavin. There were a few bleeps from the computer and the 1 minute 30 second timer for the mini blast began. Swift raced out but found himself confronted by two evil-looking Securi-Bots. They moved toward Swift and the nearest made a grab. 'Not so fast.' Said Swift and he then proceeded to thrust his sword through the robot. 'Ha!' He said, feeling no remorse. These were simply robots, not people like he'd killed in the sewer. He pulled the Magnum out and shot the second Securi-Bot. 'BLAM!' Came the sound of the gun. Time for Swift started to slow down as he watched the bullet rip through the steel casing for the main computer inside his mechanical opponent. Swift carried on past them, there was no time to waste. He was racing up a flight of stairs when some one blocked his way. 'You seem in a rush.' Said the man. It was immediately clear that it was a Malik factory guard. 'If you don't mind...' Swift started, trying to get past. 'But I do!' Said the guard. 'You aren't going to get past you see? I won't let you. So I suggest that you surrender or get beaten up. ...read more.


'I think they're okay.' Said Gary, Aoife nodded. 'Hmm, I guess.' Said Kattrina. 'Oh, okay,' Zack said, reluctantly. He gazed at Kat for a second and then nodded. 'Yeah, I don't mind.' He confirmed. 'That's settled then.' Said Gavin. 'The sleeping arrangements will be: team one upstairs; team two downstairs and team three in the cellar. It's a converted cellar team three so don't worry, you'll be warm and cosy. ' I want everyone to spend the next few hours going over the battle directives in their teams and there will be a final meeting tomorrow morning. Everyone has to get sleep, it could change the outcome of the mission whether you're tired or not. Now there's only one more thing to say, goodnight and good luck!' Gavin got up and began to walk upstairs, beckoning Gary and Zack to follow. Jed, Swift and Katrina began to sort out places to sleep whilst Gamma, Rox and Aoife walked downstairs into the cellar. 'You must be tired.' Swift said to Kattrina. 'Why?' She asked. 'Swift considered this, he could go for the chat-up line option: 'Cos you've been racin' round my mind all day, or he could be professional and tell her what he was going to say before she asked. 'Well, you have had a busy day. You just got here and you're whisked off onto a training mission and as soon as you're back you're stuffed with party food then thrown into a pre-mission meeting.' He said, choosing the second option. 'I guess. But my life is very stressful.' She answered. 'Into one job, out again, into another. I really can't stay put.' 'Then you've got the right job. You won't be able to stop even if you want to.' Swift told her. 'Suits me.' Kat answered, shortly. After a few more minutes of chatting, Jed broke the conversation. 'Let's get on with the battle details,' He told them, 'what is everyone gonna do here then? I'll take some notes.' 'Okay.' ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Jonathan Swift section.

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