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Meet Jane Doe.

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Meet Jane Doe Meet Jane Doe. Jane is sixteen years old and is "down" with all of the most popular trends. In the morning, Jane washes her hair with Fructose Fortifying shampoo and conditioner. Under her massage therapy showerhead, she rinses away the sweet smell of Plumeria from her Bath and Body Works body wash. She hops out of the shower and straps on her cream Victoria Secrets bra and matching panties. As she slides on her dark brown Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, she sways to "Hey Ya" by Outkast blaring out of her Sony 5 disc CD player. She runs to her PC, starts the Internet, and quickly finishes her weekend homework from her online literature class. She hears the ring of her Nokia cell phone and quickly answers it. Her friends ask her to come and hang with them. She immediately answers yes and rushes through the door to her new Mercedes Benz to meet them. Jane watches T.V., surfs the Internet, and uses the telephone to find all of the best tidbits to become a cool, fashionable young women. Her so-called perfect world revolves around these communication tools. Little does Jane know that all of these tools may cause her character harm in the future. One rainy day, Jane was sitting on her couch surfing through the channels on her T.V. ...read more.


She spots the computer and rushes over to it. Starting the Internet, she slowly calms down but the image stays in her mind. The warm welcoming sound of, "Welcome. You've got mail." comforts her. In the address box, she types in www.alloy.com so that she can check on the latest trends to buy. Several windows pop-up on her screen. She carefully scans each of them to not miss anything that she wants. After she scans the Classmates.com pop-up, another ad catches her eye. After reading the entire ad, she is appalled yet intrigued by its promiscuous content. Jane reads the ad for a while absorbing every detail. This particular ad promotes sex and the use of sexual protection in an alluring way. Jane softly giggles at this sight. Jane does not have a boyfriend but when she looks at this ad, she wishes that she did. After a few minutes lost in fantasy, Jane exits out of the ad, finishes her routine pop-up check, and starts to shop. A few hours pass, and Jane finally is done on the Internet. She decides to call her friends and see what they are doing. She grabs her telephone and hits the number one on speed dial to call her best friend, Alicia. ...read more.


He pounds his briefcase down onto the counter as he blurts out offensive words that Jane has never even heard before. His obnoxious teenage son starts to ridicule his efforts in harsh, hurtful words. The dad replies by sending his disobedient son to his room. Suddenly the T.V. goes dark. Appalled by this, Jane stomps to the screen and pokes every button available. She strikes the sides of the T.V. with tremendous force. "What a piece of junk!" Jane shouts aloud. Jane's eyes open wide as she realizes what she had just said. Just then, it seemed like the reality of the whole day had set in. Her mind had been mutated by the massacre she had seen on her television. Sex had just become an everyday thing that everyone does. Offensive words are now used in everyday language without considering the people who are present. The communication tools in her everyday life had not only shaped the way that she lived but also her character. Jane stopped realizing who she was becoming. She did not want to become that kind of person. Slowly Jane saunters up the stairs to her room. Passing by the mirror, she pauses for a moment and examines herself. She knew what kind of person she wanted to be. Grabbing one of her cherished book, she flops on to her bed and starts reading, slowly forgetting everything that had happened that day. However, tomorrow is another day. ...read more.

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