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Original writing The assassin Reluctantly I walked through the casino doors. The bright lights of the casino blinded me, especially the ones on the gabling machines, I saw the amount of money you could win light up also I saw the wheel of fate. The wheel of fate a huge wheel that lit up with amounts of money and the odds of winning, on the wheel there were amounts of money from fifty pounds to ten thousand pounds it was the fist thing after the lights that you noticed. After I had finished looking around I slowly walked over to the bar where an extremely good looking woman stood, the woman wore black trousers and white shirt with a burgundy waist cost over it, all the casino workers wore these. The barmaid tried to have a conversation with me and just told what I want "large scotch no ice". She came back and she commented on the weather I just ignored her and snatched the drink from her hand and downed it in one I then turned to the door and turned back to the bar ad demanded another drink to steady my nerves. After I dank the second drink I headed over to the roulette table. ...read more.


The casino owner announced to the whole casino that all the drinks were half price and that all stakes were raised everyone cheered and rushed to the bar more barstaff came out from the door behind the bar all wearing the same uniform. The casino owner bided his time then he headed down to the poker table. I waited and gathered my nerves I walked down to the poker table the casino owner started to talk with me and he asked if I wanted to join the game I declined he opportunity I replied I rather watch a pro and learn from him. He stared playing poker he first game was bid over five hundred up to two thousand pounds he won that game and turned to me and laughed and said I bet you wished you could play this good I Muttered yer but you wont. He heard what I had said and he started to ask if I was a regular he realised I wasn't. He started to edge around the poker table. I pulled out my gun he didn't see it but his wife did she ran to the doors and out o the car she started it up and she was prepared to go but he didn't realised he saw his wife out side I shot ...read more.


I heard every one cheer and rush to the bar; more bar staff came from the door from behind the bar I nodded to them and said they will be alright and you're going to get double pay. I bided my time. I then started to make my way over to the poker tables. The host said to me "usual game sir" I replied yer a high stake game sounds good I notice a man walking to wards me I thought I offer him an opportunity to play but he declined "I'd rather watch a master. I started my game and I won I turned to the ma and said I bet you like to be able to play like this? I heard the man mutter something and I got nervous I started to edge around the table. All of a sudden I saw my wife run to the doors and out to the cars. Surprisingly I heard the sound of gun shots I started to run to the car I got closer and closer I got so close I could hear my wife urging me to run. I felt a sharp pain and I fell to the ground I heard my wife scream. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Hearson original writing - 1 - 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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