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original writing- mad on football Donna liked playing football at diner time because she was the only girl playing and because she was so good she could laugh at the lads

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GCSE Original Writing Coursework By Mark Staniland Donna was racing down the right wing, nothing could stop her she calmly went past another defender and put a wicked cross into the box, Liam Ridgeway jumped for the ball...Goal!. Donna liked playing football at diner time because she was the only girl playing and because she was so good she could laugh at the lads as stereotypical lads always think they're better at football than girls. After diner, Donna had maths. She was so gifted at this subject she never worried about the work, she would sit for a whole hour drawing tactics and plays out that the school team could use drawing their matches. The bell rang at four o'clock and all the children in Donna's class at Chapel High School poured out into the corridor and joined the masses rushing out of school because it was Friday and the weekend was here! Donna picked up her bag and went down to the gym. Tonight was football practice night and tomorrow there was a big match - the semi-final of the Inter-schools competition. Donna got changed and went out to the football pitch. A crowd of boys was hanging around the field, waiting for Mr Jones the sports teacher to arrive. They kicked the ball around and practised shots on goal. They had a really good goalie called Warren. He looked like a stick insect with red hair and freckles, but he was brilliant at stopping goals. ...read more.


Hurray! Hurray for Chapel High! The score stayed the same during the second half as everyone was tired from running around so much. The game finished 3-0 to Chapel High. Fantastic - now they were in the final! Donna stood on the sidelines and watched. She was so happy that her team had won, but she was so miserable that she couldn't play. Mr Stanley had glared at her all the way through the match. It just wasn't fair! Why shouldn't she play football too? The next Saturday was the day of the Big Match. It was Chapel High against Harton House School. The teams were big rivals and Harton House had won the competition last year. At ten minutes to three the football field was lined with people. It seemed like half the school were there, including teachers, parents and the Headmaster, Mr Blunderbuss with his huge moustache. The whistle blew. Harton's number nine, Lee Mason, got the ball and sent it flying down the field. A very large, spotty boy called Scott Perkins trapped the ball and volleyed it at the net. Warren, the Chapel High goalie, made a brilliant save and it went out for a corner. The Chapel High defence collected in the box. The whistle blew and the corner shot came sailing over. It landed on Lee Mason's head and was headed straight into the back of the net. Oh no! One - nil down already. The Harton House spectators cheered and clapped. ...read more.


The ball flew from one end of the field to the other. There was attack and then counter-attack. Donna felt as if her legs would drop off. It was the last minute. Donna got the ball from Stevie Hamilton. Again she faced that big lump Scott Perkins. Donna sent him the wrong way and he was too slow to catch her. She was in the box. There was only the Harton goalie now. She went to strike the shot, but no, she changed her mind and took it with her left foot. The Harton goalie dived the wrong way and Donna smashed the ball into the top left-hand corner. That was it! A hat trick. Thirty seconds later the final whistle blew. They had won! They had won the cup and were winners of the Inter-schools championship! The Chapel House fans were smiling and shouting. Mr Blunderbuss was jumping up and down. The Harton House fans couldn't believe it. Scott Perkins had collapsed onto the ground in a heap. 'Hurray for Donna!' they shouted. Donna just grinned. She had never felt so happy. The medals were presented and hung around the players' necks on ribbons. Then Kevin Johnson, as Captain, was presented with the Inter-Schools cup. It was a large, silver trophy with hands holding a football, just like a small World Cup trophy. He raised it into the air. Everyone cheered and took photographs. Mr Stanley's face went redder and redder. His face had lost its black look and even he was smiling. 'Oh, Donna,' he said, 'don't forget - football training on Friday night with the team!' Donna just smiled and Stevie Hamilton winked at her. The End ...read more.

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