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Rocktopia devilIt was the end of the twilight zone; the yellow inhabitants of Rocktopia could be seen celebrating the end of the civil war between Rocktopia and the only other meteor

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Rocktopia Devil 1. The Death entrance It was the end of the twilight zone; the yellow inhabitants of Rocktopia could be seen celebrating the end of the civil war between Rocktopia and the only other meteor; Grendall. The knarfs had won the battle and had surpassed all beings in every way. High above them in the sky, the blue moon shone brightly even the protective dome over Rocktopia could not remove the great blue radiance of the moon. The fighting had finally ended after 3 light years and Rocktopia was the last moving meteor in the Milk Way. The hustling and bustling which was once normal on the meteor had started once again. Yet after all the efforts a sense of eeriness still seemed present over the bright white city of Rocktopia. All the knarfs, suited in white, knew that life on the meteor was going to get interesting; something seemed different. Life was different, people were more anxious and excited; they knew something amazing was to happen they just didn't know when. This something was going to come sooner than they thought something that not even the cleverest could have predicted. The twilight zone had just passed and the moon which was blue now seemed to fade away. The lights started to fade gradually until the bright city of Rocktopia was in darkness. ...read more.


stated the lord in a fearful manner. "It doesn't mean anything, I didn't do anything wrong!" "What is your birth date?" the lord asked now getting worried. "Umm... well it's the 6th of June 1966" "The Devil, 6/6/66, today! It is your birthday today! Its D-day, we will all die if we do not destroy the devil!" lord Vardelle announced boldly. It was that evening that the lord decided to have the human killed on the death chair. "Either he will escape our world or he will suffer a painful death." The lord said to himself. 4. Getaway I have to escape, I didn't do anything and if I don't get out of here fast I'm going tom die! Curse my name and date of Birth, wait a minute they just chucked me in here, I've still got all my stuff. I'm going to get out of here. "Yes my lord the execution has been scheduled for 2 hours time and the dungeon is under heavy security." The robotic servant informed the lord. Meanwhile Devlar was using all his knowledge from working in a prison and all his belongings which the knarfs had failed to confiscate from him to escape from the dungeon he was being imprisoned in. "We Brunei have realised that he did not spread the disease and that the death of florg was a coincident, but we do know that he is a human and is an associate of the devil. ...read more.


This is some Birthday, I mean what a present! Here I go.......CRACK!! The capsule broke and again in its place was not a trampoline but a hover cycle. Now let's see if it will work.....Vroom...Vroom...Aarghh... it won't start, after all my work please c'mon, work! There here already c'mon...Yes! Its working I was travelling at 235mph with no helmet or protection, I was amazed I still hadn't killed myself. I looked up and the moon was blue then it started to fade. Ahead of me was the centre and the highest point of the dome, I got faster and I was only a few feet away from the centre and I saw a colossal laser gun. This was it." See ya later, Vardelle" I shouted hopefully. Would these would be my last words on Rocktopia? The laser was fired I reached the centre and I disappeared but the laser made a gigantic hole in the dome, and if they didn't do anything they would all die, the artificial sun would kill them all. Dooms-day had come on the 6/6/2266, but I didn't bring it. AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!! It was all a dream, I can't believe it, it all seemed so real, the knarfs, the lasers the dome, Lord Vardelle. I'm just happy to be home. What Devlar didn't know was that a million light years away, a lone meteorite stood and all the inhabitants were yellow. But his journey was a dream or was it? ?? ?? ?? ?? Jai Malhi-9P Sci-Fi Story Ms.Sale - 1 - ...read more.

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