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Script - I'm just a kid

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Paper 1 Unit 1 Assessment Task 2 (AO2) Title: I'm just a kid The plot: The story is about two best friends, which have been friends since their childhood. They grew up together and did everything together; they work together in the same engineering company. Then Peter (Antonio), makes this new friend in the company, his name: Anthony (Leonardo). John (Julio) and Peter, go to Peter's house to watch the game, in the way to his house, they remember the tree house they built when they were young. They go up, and there they have memories of their childhood, using the objects in place. Peter calls Anthony to come by as they have business to work on. John gets mad at Peter, they sort of discuss, John is jealous of Anthony. He gets mad at Peter. Hug in the end. My character: Peter and John are really good friends. Peter treats John as his brother, and is treated back in the same way, although, when people grow old, interests change, the friendship they had in the past, changed a little due to work and will of power. Peter wishes to grow up fast and create great responsibilities so to evolve in the business world. ...read more.


John: Alright, I'll get something for us to drink. (Peter calls Anthony and asks him to come by, to discuss their project) (Anthony arrives at the tree house, John spots him surprised, Peter is in the bathroom) John: (surprised) Who are you? What are you doing here? Anthony: Peter called me here; you must be his friend, John, right? John: Yes... Pete!! Come here!! (Peter arrives) Do you know this man? Peter: Of course!! He is the guy I told you about! We are doing a big project with him. Anthony: Hi! Nice to meet you!! John: (not as excited) Hi again... (They discuss business plans, but John is not interested) (John's monologue) Peter: (interrupting him) Are you ok? John: Yes... I just need some air. Anthony: (in a funny tone) Isn't there air available here? John: Not enough for the three of us! (He leaves) Peter: (embarrassed) He is just kidding. He is a funny guy. Anthony: Look, I think it's better if we had a meeting tomorrow to discuss the business. The club is a good place, we can go there play a little game of squash, and then we can have the meeting while we eat. What do you think? ...read more.


What can be more important than construct a millionaire's house and become famous? Peter: This is more important! Friendship! (He leaves) Anthony: What was that all about! (Music "true to myself" starts playing - Peter rushes near the audience, passing through obstacles, jumping chairs, the spot light follows him, until he reaches the security man. Music fades and stops. John is at centre stage with a bored and sad face.) Security: I'm sorry the tickets are sold out. Peter: But I really have to go in! Security: Tough luck (he laughs) Aren't you too old to visit this kind of stuff anyway!? (Laughs again) Peter: (giggles) I never felt so young!! (He passes through the security guy and rushes in) Security: (already accepting and giving up) AAh!! For crying all loud! (Music starts again in the part "got to be true to myself" He finds John, and they hug {blackout} music fades and they freeze as kids) Narrator: (spotlight on Leo) And for that second, for that brief moment; they became kids again. After years they could hug one more time, because there were no obstacles to separate this act of friendship. Work, plans and not even the money could surpass this enormous affectionate friendship, between two men... or should I say kids? C U R T A I N S ?? ?? ?? ?? Antonio Carlos Tostes - 9C Candidate Number: 0042 10/5/2007 ...read more.

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