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Short stories

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It felt necessary for everyone to drop across the floor. The glass from the window smashed and the little bunkhouse was beginning to fall apart with wood flying ubiquitously in pieces. Along with both Mr. Leone and his bodyguard in the from seats of the limousine the bunkhouse blew up with enormous pressure. The nightmare was finally over, from the bunkhouse, a glow of sparks and a breath of smoke were arising from within the destruction. 2 hours before. It was a cold winter's morning. The ground covered with a sheet of White ice from the snow, heaven felt closer. The woodpecker pecking away harshly through the tree trunks and the soft sound of birds singing arose from the tree branches. It was now at three in the afternoon, the flowers were frozen and the air still blowing a thick puff of wind. It was getting colder than a heatless soul and the birds cry was now fading. The Swat team had arrived to their destination; they stood all four of them by the large gates leading in to the quarry. ...read more.


As the door banged the rest of the team followed with their desert eagles and heavy machine guns behind them. Their snow suits were getting warmer and their thick boots were still frozen from the snow. Rodriguez put on his mask and suggested that the team divides in two. The Quarry had three seven story buildings and a reception building at the front, it had bull dozers and a ton of trucks surrounding the site it almost looked like a building site expect it was overflowing with mud and snow on the surfaces. They aligned Theodore with Rodriguez and Sergeant Long with Carina. Theodore and Rodriguez worked well together; they started by heading down into a loft in the underground tunnels of the quarry. They were looking around in search of clues through every part on the tunnels. It had been just twenty minutes since they split up and Sergeant long and Carina had a boundless past and were co-operating with each other fascinatingly. Carina had found a piece of paper, a picture of a bunkhouse in a 90s fashion and a map glued with the key behind it. ...read more.


Rodriguez was angered inside with pain and Carina dragged him off his feet as he said "Come on kid, they are coming back for your uncle I promise now lets stop go" Rodriguez wiped off his tears and regained his braveness he left a family photo on his chest and ran to Carina who was hotwiring a black bmw. He offered Andr� a ride and whilst they followed the limousines route they found Theodore with a girl running. Andr� called for Theo and both him and the hostage stepped in the vehicle with signs of relief. It was now 10 minutes later Rodriguez shouted "their it is" they saw the black tinted limousine cruising its way down the country side road. Carina was driving and as the bullets fired from the limousine, their was a large force of destruction. Rodriguez and Stevens joined the scenario. It was now half past five in the afternoon and the firing was still going on the thunder was on its way and they were approaching a little bunkhouse just in the Swedish midlands. Rodriguez decided to throw his grenade ...read more.

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