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The Case As the car crawled its way around the corner, and made a stop at number 32, the Thompson family staggered out

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As the car crawled its way around the corner, and made a stop at number 32, the Thompson family staggered out of their car after their long journey, but now they have arrived to their new house. The house was covered in ivy and had chipped brickwork that had worn away through out the years. Lily, the daughter of Laura and Ben, was the first to enter the house, and was straight up the stairs to decide which one was going to be her room. Of course she was going to choose the biggest one, as all little girls do. Laura and Ben fell back onto their sofa and as Laura leant over to give Ben a kiss on the cheek said, "Home sweet home" and then made her way into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee "Can I have one?" called Ben, as he lent over to switch on the TV. As Laura came out of the kitchen, coffee in hand, Lily came rushing down the stairs with a huge box of toys, and tipped them all over the floor, she started to play with them. After giving Ben his coffee, Laura set for upstairs to see everything was in place, just as they had asked for. ...read more.


Laura still stared at the corner for about 10 minutes where the ghost girl had stood, and then she lay back to try and fall asleep. The next morning the suitcase was gone. The next evening, before they all went up for bed. Laura could hear very faint crying, but she just thought that it was her imagination and tried to take no notice of it. But how ever hard she tried, it was still there etched in the back of her mind, wondering who it was? Where is it? "Can you hear that? The screaming." she asked Ben, hoping so much for the answer to be yes, to confirm her queries. "No, what noise? Are you alright" Laura just kept on skimming the room with her eyes, just wanting to see something, something that will answer her questions. But she saw nothing. Later that night, all now in bed, Ben was just dropping off to sleep to the sound of the 10 o'clock News in the background, but Laura was still very awake. But now it wasn't screaming she could hear, just like last night, she could hear crying now. She squeezed her eyes tight, and lay back, and tried to sleep. ...read more.


Lily walked over towards the sofa, and before sitting down said, "Annie didn't mean to cause any trouble; she just wants to find her Mother." Laura turned her head towards her daughter. "She's been searching for a long time. She thought if she called her mother, she would come and take her to peace." Laura walked over to the sofa and sat down, and placed her daughter on her knee. "Where did she come from?" Lily looked out of the window and said. "She lived here, in the Second World War; I think that's what she said. She was taken away from her mother" Lily got up and walked over to the stairs, "It'll be ok, I don't think Annie will be coming back, she likes to keep her case with her." She continued up the stairs and into her room. At that time, Ben walked through the door "What did you do with it?" Laura asked "I got rid of it don't worry." Laura walked over to Ben and gave him a hug. "Thank you." She then went into the kitchen and asked "What do you want for tea then?" Ben just smiled at her, and sat down, turned on the TV. Laura was now free of the paranoia and was now back to a normal life. Well as normal as life can be. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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