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There will be Time...

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There will be Time... Tom Smith was an ordinary boy, 18 years old and working in his father's blacksmith shop re-shoeing old shire horses. He had a sweetheart, Jane, she was only 17 and was still in school. She was the daughter of Mr Cork, the rich farmer who was the mayor of Lower Thames-Soken, where Tom lived. It was a small town with everyone knowing everyone and regular coffee mornings. There was the large Carter manor sitting prominently of the high slopes of the village. There were many reception rooms where the likes of the Prime Minister and the Prince of Wales have dined on one night or another. The majestic deer were strolling round the grounds in and out of the apple orchards eating the ripe apples off the ground. The village had a small shop with a post office with papers and spreads. Out of the village ran the idyllic river. The fish danced like ballerinas under the water. The heron stalked the shore like an expectant lion, the king of the jungle. ...read more.


His only solace was his letters to Jane and his mother. They replied to every one in the same way, 'Dear Son we are thinking of you...' The letters were short and controlled emotion was left out so it didn't upset him. The signoff was the same to loving words, 'Dear child'. These letters were the only thing that kept Tom going. He had seen death on an unprecedented scale and evil of the kind that does not belong on this world: Men dying by snipers, having knee caps exploding by machine guns and men ripped apart by mines and mortar fire. The nights were the worst, lying in the mud trying to catch minutes of rest. The once beautiful fields were now full of death and desecration. Holes so big, if anyone fell into them, they would certainly die. The whole fields stained red with blood from many different men. Tom woke up, his legs caked in mud and frozen. He managed to get up and pick up his rifle from the soaked floor. The day was different somehow; a lot less noise could be heard from his bunker. ...read more.


Emotionally charged, he took a quick peak over. The sight he saw looked completely different now he was going over. The barbed wire standing in the way looked like a giant wall stopping anything trying to get past. Bodies were strewn about across the once beautiful fields, and the bleakness of the landscape was like nothing he could have ever imagined. Then there was a whistle, he jumped up and started walking, too afraid to run. All he could think about was his mother and Jane. Machine gun fire shattered the grim silence and men all around him were getting blown down. At that time, everything for Tom stopped, he could see men near in serious pain and then he got hit. He looked down. His leg was gone. Then the pain hit. He fell to the ground and started shouting as loud as he could. He just wanted to end the pain and the Commander behind the group walked up to him and put him out of his misery. The pain was gone. The last thing that he thought of was that sentence that Jane had said to him before he left - 'Be careful. Write to me. I want to see you get back healthy, you hear?' Tom Makey 11R ...read more.

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