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Inspector calls

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Gerald * After the end of Gerald's and daisy's relationship, it just gave daisy more sorrow and disappointment; this just pushed her closer and closer to her heartbreaking suicide. * By Gerald giving her money instead of attempting to help her establish herself and give her a job, he just prolonged her death. Because we all know money runs out and soon she'll be back in her same position. * If Gerald's intentions were honourable then he would of made sure Daisy had a safe place to stay and a way to support herself instead of leaving her but as Gerald said "it was all over and done with". ...read more.


From the points you have all heard it is clear that Gerald is the sole person to blame for Daisy's death. The others just pointed in the direction of death but he killed her. Gerald pushed her closer and closer to her suicide. He attempted to give her money, which we all know runs out at sometime and what was she going to do, she'd be back in her same situation. It's the typical thing that a rich business man could do, instead of living up to his shameful deceit and helping her he gives her money, he takes the easy way out and I don't think the thought of giving daisy a permanent place to stay and a secure job even crossed his mind, he just used her for his own pleasure and threw her out. ...read more.


Gerald knew what he had done was bad and to show any honour or good will he should have acknowledged it was his fault before he told them everything. And to astonish me even more after he admits all of this he completely forgets about it and tries to find out who the inspector is, and when he does find out it was a hoax he acts like nothing ever happened. This just portrays the snivelling worm he is, Gerald was her murderer, Gerald killed her, he made her drink that disinfectant. Daisy Renton was a person and just like them she had thoughts and feelings, a person is not to be played around with, or have their feelings manipulated or be thrown out into the streets with money that wont last. A person should be treated with care and respect which is hardly what Gerald gave her. ...read more.

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