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In this essay I am comparing the two poems "half past two" and "Hide and Seek" these two poems are written by modern poets.

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In this essay I am comparing the two poems "half past two" and "Hide and Seek" these two poems are written by modern poets. Which are Vernon Scannel and U. A. Fanthorpe, we see in Scannel's poem that he is describing his sinter child hood where his best friend's leave him during a game of hide and seek. For the reason we do not know. We can see this in the title which make out first thoughts be ones of our child hoods and playing game in the garden, where as in half past two we relate to the poem by making us, the reader, think of all that we were missing out when we had to stay behind after school for detentions. ...read more.


But in the poem half past two we see a very childish start to stanza one by the use of saying "once upon a school time" and creating a dream world. Like the childish stories that us as children read, where as the last poem created a world of fun by playing hide and seek. In the poem of hide and seek we see the writer using a "juxtaposes" which is when two words are linked to each other. This is seen in line seven and eight, by saying "The bush near the swing. Whatever happens? You mustn't sneeze when they come prowling in." we see that the poet uses the word "prowling" which also goes with the "bush" and this create a sense of being ...read more.


At the ends of these two poems we see the poems have the same meaning and ending, which is one of growing up and having to leave your past behind you. The writer in half past two does this by saying "he escaped into the clock less land of ever" to create a sense of adults are constrained by clocks and that by having to do things against time makes you an "grown up".So in conclusion I have to say that the poems are all about growing up in your child hood and that these poems basically have the same stories to tell which are about growing up and having to face the facts and make changes to be an adult. ...read more.

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