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GCSE classic poetry

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GCSE Classic Poetry Compare the ways that William Blake and William Wordsworth present London in their poems "London" and "Composed upon Westminster Bridge". The two poems "London" and "composed upon Westminster Bridge" give very different views of London. For example Blake gives the impression that London is a depressing, miserable, woeful place filled with sadness and corruption. Whereas, Wordsworth shows London in a very different light. He sees London as a peaceful place in the morning, filled with serenity and beauty. Blake shows many images in his poem. He shows the corruption within the church in the lines: "how every chimney sweeper's cry, every blackening church appals". This shows he thinks that the church should open its eyes to the poverty and hardship in the chimney sweepers lives and he shows that they are only children when he says that they cry. ...read more.


Blake shows that he thinks the people of London have been indoctrinated to be sad and woeful in the lines: "in every cry of every man, in every infants cry of fear... the mind forged manacles I hear". This shows that people can never be free because their minds have been put in manacles (handcuffs) to prevent them ever being free. In Wordsworths "composed upon Westminster Bridge", he shows that he thinks the morning is beautiful but he thinks that its beauty is lifted when the morning is gone. He shows this in the lines: "this city now doth like a garment wear, the beauty of the morning, silent, bare". He shows that, unlike Blake, he thinks the Thames and London is free. He shows this in the lines: "the river glideth at its own sweet will". ...read more.


These two poems have things that are similar and things that are different. For example they both refer to the Thames but in a different context. Blake describes it as being controlled by the crown whereas Wordsworth describes it as a free flowing river and that it represents freedom. The main difference is the ways that they portray London. Blake shows it as a miserable, woeful place, whereas Wordsworth shows it as a beautiful, serene, peaceful place. The two poets were writing at around the same times and they both had strong political views. These views strongly influenced their work but in very different ways because Blake was very opposed to the French revolution whereas Wordsworth was a strong supporter of the revolution. Luke Simpson ...read more.

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