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Pre 1914 Poetry

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To analyse how pre-1914 poets have explored the different aspects of the theme of relationships over a period of time. In my English class, I have studied four poems. The four poems that I decided to study were: 'The Laboratory' by Robert Browning, 'My Last Duchess', by Robert Browning, 'The Highwayman', Alfred Noyes and 'The Lady of Shallot' by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. In this essay, I will explore the different aspects of the theme of relationships over a period of time. All four of these poems have various attitudes towards men and women. The tone in each poem conveys how the poets feel. The poets use sophisticated comments and have different approaches to make the reader understand how a particular character feels. There is a lot of contrast in the poems and in this essay I will be comparing the poems; with their similarities and differences; through language, structure and their connotation. ...read more.


The Duke who is unwilling or incapable of talking to his wife, he then concludes by killing her. The Duke's master, the Count sends a messenger to let him know about the wedding with the Count's daughter. This poem is based on love, death, jealousy and status/power. 'The Highwayman', by Alfred Noyes is the most modern poem I am studying. It was written in 1912. This poem is a ballad and is based on jealousy and a forbidden relationship. The heroic Highwayman is in love with a landlord's daughter named Bess. Bess however, is tied by King George's men on her bed, whilst her father does nothing to stop this. Tim is an ostler and he is also in love with Bess; which creates jealousy. Due to all the snitches and the devotion to love, this leads to Bess's suicidal death and to the Highway man's optional death. ...read more.


The methods used by the poets to explore these relationships in each poem are varied. The poets explore with language in many ways. Various methods are used to show the reader either the status of men and women in that period or for romantic relationships in some way or form. Each poem interprets in different ways that love is unattainable and unrealistic. All of the poems are narratives and they all deal with aristocracy, wealth and love. The methods used in poems are the style of the poems; depending on whether the poem is a monologue or a ballad. The poets might change the way in which they have written the poems and this can easily affect the narrative. Noting the historical background of these poems, they are all written between the 16th-18th Century. During this period of time, the reader is aware that women were not treated equally to men. Society was clearly different in many ways; especially with women. ...read more.

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