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Compare And Contrast the Way In Which the Strong Willed Women are Presented In Each Story And Explain How They Are Influenced By The Setting

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Compare And Contrast the Way In Which the Strong Willed Women are Presented In Each Story And Explain How They Are Influenced By The Setting 'Tony Kytes- The Arch Deceiver', 'The Withered Arm', 'The Vendetta', 'Turned' and 'The Necklace', are five short stories. Each of these stories contain strong willed characters, however these strong willed women are portrayed in different ways, using different techniques. 'Tony Kytes- The Arch Deceiver' by Thomas Hardy, 'The Necklace' by Guy de Maupassant and 'The Vendetta' by Guy de Maupassant, I have chosen these three stories as I feel that these stories have the most to compare and contrast. In each of the stories there are main female, strong willed characters. In each story the strong willed female is made clear, however each story uses different techniques to highlight the strong willed females. 'Tony Kytes' by Thomas Hardy has a number of strong willed women and to suggest that one character is stronger willed than another would probably be debatable, however each of the female characters are strong in their own way. One way the personalities of the female characters are shown is by the descriptions; Milly Richards, Tony's fianc�, is described as a ' ...nice, light, small, tender little thing', this quotation seems to portray Milly Richards as a very child like character. 'Nice' is often used in childish simple writing, by describing Milly as nice, it implys that she is simple, even naive like a child, the words 'light, small and tender little thing' also show child like qualities that Milly may have. When Milly takes Tony back after he is rejected by Unity and Hannah, she either shows a level of naivety; she may think that he wanted her the whole time rather than anyone else or she understands that she must marry as well as she can in order to have a family and not to work. ...read more.


At the end of the story the point of view changes and is written from Madame Forestier's point of view, this change is to emphasis how much Madame Loisel has changed; she has changed so much that her old friend, Madame Forestier's, does not recognise her. We can understand this because we understand the changes from somebody else's point of view, whereas if it were told from Madame Loisel's then we would not see such a contrasting change. 'The Vendetta' is also written in the third person, this allows us to fully understand Saverini's state of mind. However, this switches when the murder happens, this separates us from understanding fully what is happening but this also enables us to understand that Widow Saverini is disconnected from her feelings and blocks out her feelings and almost turns inhuman; she is distant and does not seem to care about how she has just killed someone. This enables us to fully comprehend how she was so determined to fulfil the vendetta, that she blocks out every feeling just to accomplish the vendetta to her son. 'Tony Kytes' is also written in third person; however the point of view does not differ at any point of the story. Tony is quite a narrow minded and looks at things in a simple way. This is shown in the way that the point of view does not change; as there is only one view we can understand why he thinks he can act the way he does. This also emphasis how narrow minded he is, as the story only gives one point of view, this echoes how Tony Kytes only sees things from his point of view and does not consider others. Another method the writer uses to present the strong willed women is through the settings of the stories. In both 'Vendetta' and 'The Necklace' the setting surrounding the strong willed woman motivates her even more because she can see and is constantly reminded of what she wants. ...read more.


At the end of 'Tony Kytes', the strong willed women all end up alone, which is worst off than they wanted to be. However, none of the women wanted to marry someone who would not treat them fairly, and felt it would be better to leave him than to stay with him and be put at risk of being made a fool of in such a small village. So for the women, however they feel worse off at the end than the beginning, they are better off compared with if they stayed with Tony Kytes. At the end of 'The Necklace', Madame Loisel has a lot less than what she started out with. When she finds out that ten years worth of hard work to pay off her debt was unnecessary and the necklace was worthless, she realizes that the friendship and honour was more important to her than being wealthy. By the end of the story she is worn down and old, this shows she has lost her youth and her want to be young and glamorous, but she has gained her want and determination to give her friend back the necklace. This shows that although Madame Loisel has lost 10 years of her working life to pay back for a worthless necklace she has gained respect for herself and gained the appreciation for what she already has. I think that most successful story for making the determination of the strong willed women more obvious is 'The Necklace'. I think this because I feel that the setting is the most significant in highlighting Madame Loisel's determination without over powering the actual story line. I feel that it successfully echoes both the feelings of Madame Loisel and her motivation. I also feel that the symbol of the necklace was also very successful at motivating Madame Loisel. Also the changes in point of view show how each character feels without making the story too one sided. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Cherie Gregory 11HB ...read more.

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