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The little cloud- short story character analysis

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?? In the Short Story "A Little Cloud" by James Joyce, the character of Thomas Chandler or "Little Chandler" is anxiously awaiting a visit from his old friend, Ignatius Gallaher. Chandler becomes very preoccupied with the thought of meeting his old friend. While day dreaming about old poetry books that lay on shelves at home, Chandler has an indistinctive poetic aspiration. His shyness has always held him back; and so the books remained on the shelves collecting dust. As the story unfolds, Chandler's true appearance, personality and inexplicable status becomes evident. With his small stature, Thomas Chandler was called "Little Chandler" because he "gave one the idea of being a little man." ...read more.


Chandlers accurate feelings are more clearly exposed when he meets his old friend Ignatius Gallaher. While on his way to meet Gallaher, Chandler thinks more about poetry with great passion. Ignatius Gallaher had moved to London and was a very successful journalist. Throughout their reunion Gallaher enlightens Chandler with his outstanding stories about travel. This only escalades the unrealistic desires Chandler has about writing poetry. Throughout the gathering, Chandler and Gallaher enjoy a few drinks. Chandler begins to see how substandard, incompetent and underachieved he is when comparing himself to Gallaher. Dissatisfaction and jealousy overwhelms him. Throughout the story, Chandler rarely reflected on all the accomplishments in his life. ...read more.


While shouting at the young infant, Anne runs into the room and takes the child from him. Sitting in disbelief, Chandler feels remorseful for what he has done. He seems to realize that he is responsible for feeling incomplete and can only blame himself for his own life outcome. All of Thomas Chandler's traits played an important influence on the outcome of this story. From his well maintained manner to his bashfulness and to his ignorant view on his life. One could see that a belief that any man, who stands for nothing, not only could, but would fall for anything is a man with an undeveloped sense of self. Thomas Chandler was a man with an undeveloped sense. He came to the unpleasant reality of his situation and hopefully from now on he will make the right decisions in life. ...read more.

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