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Coursework Prose study 18-01-06 Examine several short pre 1914 short stories and comment upon how the authors deal with the subject of relationship between man and women? In the story 'Tony Kytes', the relationship is very confusing, as Tony does not know what he wants. The author seems to describe a person called Tony Kytes as a popular pupil with girls, but has no sense at all, as he cannot control the girls he has. The story Tony Kytes has at least 3 girls that he likes a lot, there names are Milly, Unity and Hannah. He is getting married to one of those girls called Milly. The relationship between Milly and Tony is strong as she loves him a lot and he likes her, but the problem with Tony is that he doesn't want only one girl he wants loads and the prettiest aswell. ...read more.


This shows that Milly loves Tony a lot and they are meant for each other. Also that the author wants people to realise that its not good to play around with girls other wise you don't know were your going, but this story was lucky as Tony got his bride and that they had a strong relationship. In the story 'The Unexpected', the author seems to think that love is special in one way, but it's not in another way as it can go wrong. Randall had left his Dorothea, because he was delayed by illness. It seems that Dorothea loved him a lot, but as Randall did not replay to any of her letters, she was impatient. The way we know that Dorothea had loved him is because it says "she had sat daily gazing for hours upon his portrait, which showed him to be an almost perfect specimen of youthful health, strength and manly beauty." ...read more.


It seems that he wants to be her life partner, till he die's and will never let her go. Dorothea was thinking and tried to explain that it is impossible for them to get married, after a while she said that, it was silence for a while. This shows that Dorothea is upset and does not want to end up being a widow. He had gone to the carriage; she was gazing at the window, looking at the carriage, seeing him helpless. She had felt stubborn, she didn't care. She was on an unfrequented path; she was alone with the nature. She had never spoken word after bidding him good-bye, she seems disposed to make confidence, and she whispered "Never in a million years!" After reading this story, it seems that the author wants Dorothea to have a good life with nature and not to be disappointed. But she shouldn't forget about her love at all, even if Randall is ill. ...read more.

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