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Test Plan Spreadsheet portfolio 3

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Test Description Reason What do you expect to happen to the spreadsheet IF you carry out the test? What did happen to the spreadsheet when you carried out the test? 1 Create Chart To see if my items in my shop are making a profit against each other. I expect a chart to appear on my spreadsheet. The chart appeared on my spreadsheet. 2 Change Data The price of My chemical romance - The Black Parade CD from the suppliers has gone up from �10.00 ...read more.


The price of buying this item went up and profit went down. 3 Change Formula To change the amount of VAT on an item has gone up from 15% to 25% and the formulas need to be changed the with VAT column. The column 'with VAT' the price within this column should go up by 10% The formula changed and the price went up. 4 Change data The quantity of My Chemical romance - The Black Parade sold has gone up from 68 items to 70 items; this was because of a new magazine advert in a popular teenage music magazine. ...read more.


I should be able to sort the profits from highest to lowest. I have been able to sort the profits from high to low. This is the chart created after test 1. Before test 2 After test 2 the price to buy of My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade has changed to �12.00 instead of �10.00 and also the profit has changed to a lower profit Before Test 3 After Test 3 Before Test 4 After Test 4 Before Test 5 After Test 5 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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