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Her big chance

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Her Big Chance Essay In this essay I will examine Alan Bennett's monologue 'Her Big Chance'. This monologue is part of the 'talking heads' series which he wrote in 1987 for the television. I will examine how the monologue works as a drama and I will explore its main themes and I will find out the way Lesley acts in the monologue. A monologue is a play involving one person telling the audience about events that have happened to their life. Also in a monologue the person speaking tells them what other people said such as, 'He said, Like 9.30 in the morning'. In this the audience is the narrator's confidante and they show there inner most thoughts. This can often be biased as we have heard there point of view. We have to read between the lines to deduce how the other characters are feeling. Her big chance is about a woman called Lesley who gets a part in a play where she has to play a character called Travis. A man called spud who she met in a party asked her to go to an audition to get the part as Travis in the play. ...read more.


Lesley is a very confident person but she thinks she is an amazing actress when everyone knows that she's not, the reader is able to work out this because of the way the other characters respond to her, 'He said, Lets face it, dear. You're not used to working. Why didn't you bring your knitting'? Alan Bennett says 'she thinks she has a great deal to offer, as an actress and as a person'. She turns out to be a very annoying and irritating character. Lesley is the only female who takes part in this monologue. The role of Travis is a fairly degrading because she gets manipulated to take off her clothes to the camera in front of the entire male film crew. She really wants to fulfil this role and she thinks that they are only persuading her to do this because they want to see her acting ability but they don't they just want to see her with no clothes on. Lesley loves the attention and especially when she took her bra off. He said 'They knew you had a 38-inch bust. ...read more.


Lesley is a person that makes out she doesn't want sex but she really does. She uses this physical attribute to further her career because of her poor acting skills, she uses sex to fill in for her rubbish acting and for this she doesn't get any respect from anyone for it. The form of the monologue is suited to Lesley's circumstances. Lesley is by herself and talking straight to the audience and we become her confidante. Lesley provides more than one voice when she tells the audience what happened to her, also she speaks herself what the other characters said. To discover what these characters think we have to read between the lines. We only get Lesley's point of view in this monologue and she exaggerates with everything she says, she is an unreliable narrator so we don't know what to believe from her. Finally in this monologue Lesley uses everyday language but she tries to make her words make her look more sophisticated, but in parts of this monologue she uses a small bit of slang to make her sound not as fake and not like an idiot in front people. Overall she is a down-to-earth person and so is her use of language in most of the monologue. ...read more.

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