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Textual Analysis of James Bond

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This essay will be analysing the differences between two James Bond trailers - "Dr. No" in 1962, directed by Terence Young and "Quantum of Solace" in 2008, directed by Marc Forster through the use of representations, codes and conventions, uses and gratifications, the narrative and institutions. Both trailers adapt the use of a male protagonist and attractive females to appeal to the audience; strong elements of violence and action used with a complex narration of a 'chase' creates the apparition of the genre of adventure. Due to these factors, we can assume that the above trailers target adults - trailer "Dr. No" targeting from the age 35 and above of both genders, while "Quantum of Solace" at a younger age of 25. ...read more.


There are so many different aspects in a tralier that can capture the audiences attention no matter how boring its' storyline really is. The one feature that is present in both trailers are the exposure of bombs and guns and fire in the scenes, this connotes the violence that exists in James Bonds film - the character's world and to express the dangers that the characters present faces. These are usually focused in the camera's view so to intimidate and to attract the audience. The James Bond movies are, in a sense, the epitome of "coolness". The one convention that portrayed all these aspects is, no doubt James Bond himself. Sean Connery in "Dr. No" is the classic representation of James Bond; even in this time, he is still considered the perfect representation of the character; he was what every middle-aged man desired to be. ...read more.


Only few excerpts of the film was displayed in short instances. The Bond movies all started when Harry Saltzman gained the rights to the James Bond book. He initially did not go through with making the flim, instead Albert R. Broccoli wanted the rights to the Bond books and atempted to buy them off Saltzman. Since Saltzman did not want to give the rights to Broccoli, the two men formed a partnership to create the Bond films. Two companies are created by Saltzman and Broccoli for the film-making of the James Bond films; the Danjaq, who was to hold the rights to the film and; EON Productions, which was to produce the film. Throughout the years, many productions begin to support the James Bond films. Icons of MGM and Columbia are visible from first few scenes in "Quantum of Solace". ?? ?? ?? ?? Textual Analysis ...read more.

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