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Analysis of Performance- Cricket

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G.C.S.E. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Analysis of Performance Project Name: Sam Hennessy _ Affix photo here Chosen Activity: Cricket List five rules for your activity and explain what purpose they serve; for example, safety, to help entertain, to make competition fair? (1)Power plays- These were introduced to One Day International cricket in 2005 to keep the crowd entertained with more aggressive batting. There are three Power Plays, in Power Play one only two fielders are allowed outside the 30 yard circle and you have to have two close catching fielders. The next two Power Plays can be chosen when to implement by the captain, two fielders only allowed outside the 30 yard circle but no catchers are needed. (2)One bouncer per over- This was implemented because of the famous 'Bodyline Series' in which the English team bowled balls aimed at the batsmen's head consistently. They were specifically targeting the great Don Bradman because they couldn't get him out. This rule was created for the safety of the batsmen. (3Two Umpires on the pitch- This rule is to make sure that competition is fair and to make sure the rules of the game are implemented properly. One Umpire stands behind the wickets at the bowlers end and the other stand at square leg. ...read more.


In terms of your own performance, what would you consider your most significant strength and area of weakness? Strength-Driving through the covers Weakness- Playing shots off my legs because my head falls over to the off side. For the area of weakness identified, explain how you intend to improve upon this. You may use diagrams to show specific drills. Ball is thrown down at batsmen's legs and the batsmen tries to play the ball of his legs in between the red cones. If he is still struggling with it then I would take the cones away and throw tennis balls at head height and make him header then in that direction, this way the batsmen would learn to get his head over the ball whilst playing leg glances and on drives Break down a single skill from your activity and describe the 'perfect model'. Think preparation, execution, follow through. Cut Shot- Preparation; Back foot Abducts to the line of the ball and is flexed and the front leg leans back slightly and extends. The waist and shoulders rotate round and both arms are flexed. The head is in line with the ball. Execution( point of contact); The back leg extends as do both of the arms. The shoulders and waist rotates back around to strike the ball. ...read more.


At the international level, however, technique usually needs only fine-tuning, so the coach's main job is to analyse and interpret data obtained from actual match situations. Who is the governing body for your activity and explain their role? The ICC( International Cricket Council) is the governing body of cricket. It originally was called the Imperial Cricket Conference and the International Cricket Conference, but as of 1989 it is known now as the International Cricket Council. There are 101 members of the ICC, 10 who participate in Test Match Cricket, 33 Associate Members and 59 Affiliate Members. The ICC's main purpose is to organize and govern cricket major international tournaments. It also appoints umpires and other officials to oversee test matches, ODI's and Twenty/20 Internationals. It also sets discipline standards for cricketers which involves actions against match-fixing and corruption. What are some of the common injuries associated with your activity? Sprained ankle- due to all the twisting and turning both batsmen and bowlers do. Back Strains- due to the acceptance of new and unusual bowling actions. How would you treat this injury? I would treat the sprained ankle injury with RICE, which is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However for the back injuries I would try to adjust the bowler's action slightly to try and get the back in the most relaxed position as possible. Sam Hennessy 11E Analysis of Performance Project Mr Musset ...read more.

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