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Physical Activity & Sailing in Australian Society

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Physical Activity & Sailing in Australian Society Contents: 1. Task 1 3 1.1 Introduction: 3 1.2 Trends in Society of Sunshine Coast and Australia: 3 Physical Activity: 3 Leisure Time: 4 1.3 Influencing Factors on Lifestyle, Leisure Time and Physical Activity 4 1.4 Attitudes of Students 6 Physical Activity: 6 Sailing: 6 1.5 Sailing; Participation and Perceived Barriers 7 Participation: 7 Perceived Barriers: 8 2. Task 2 10 2.1 Thesis 10 2.2 Findings 11 2.3 Essay 13 Recommendations for Sport and Sailing: 15 3. Conclusion 17 4. Appendices 19 Appendix A 19 Appendix B 19 Appendix C 19 Appendix D 20 Appendix E 20 5. References/Bibliography: 22 Bibliography: 22 Reference List: 22 1. Task 1 1.1 Introduction: In an age where Australia is facing the problem of becoming one of the most over-weight country in the world, (already ranked 5th), ([8] "Aussies' fat times") it's imperative that Australian's are getting involved in physical activity of some sort. Originally Australia has been considered a sport mad nation with children playing weekly sports and the media displaying different sports on the television. However it seems that Australians are becoming fonder of a lifestyle that doesn't involve much physical activity at all. This report aims to discover the trends in physical activity and leisure time as well as the reasoning behind that. It is also designed to take a look at the attitudes towards sailing. 1.2 Trends in Society of Sunshine Coast and Australia: Physical Activity: Over the time of a week, local residents of the Sunshine Coast were surveyed to investigate the trends in their physical activity and leisure time (Appendix 1). From this local research, it was seen that those (male and female) in the age group of 13-17 year olds were more likely (18%) to be involved in the recommended amount of physical activity than any other age group (Figure 1.1). However it was seen that the age group that was less likely to not participate in any physical activity was 18-25year olds (2%) ...read more.


This is proven in the local data collected (Figure 2.3) which also shows how the participants are more likely to be female rather than male. As previously mentioned this could be due the Sunshine Coast's wide range of facilities. The Sunshine Coast offers the beach, the bush-lands, forests, numerous hills as well as simple gyms where residents can participate in walking. One of the factors that played a role in the participation in physical activity is the main motivation or the influence for the physical activity. As was demonstrated in Figure 1.6 Enjoyment was the main motivation or influence for someone participating in physical activity which was followed by Health and Fitness. This is however different to the national, but only slightly. In a 2007 survey of households around the nation it was seen that "For those who participated more than 12 times within the 12 month period before interview, the majority of people (54% or 5.2 million) reported health and fitness as the most common main motivator." ([5] "Participation in Sports and Physical Recreation") As the Sunshine Coast is a usually sunny place and locals are friendly (everyone knows everyone) the motivation of enjoyment is typical as physical activity gives residents the opportunity to socialise whilst exercising. 2.3 Essay Over time it has been seen that when it comes to sport, money, media, advertising and sponsorship play a major role. All of these factors play a part as they are the things that give the sport "Power". Money simply refers to the funding that surrounds the particular sport. Sponsorship is the financial support given in exchange for some specific return. This usually involves advertising of the sponsors company or an athlete endorsing a product of the sponsor which promotes the company. The media and advertising can work hand in hand. This is because the media is a powerful tool in advertising. As there are many forms of media (magazine, TV, internet, newspaper etc) ...read more.


* Have a local family sports day. Families can come together every couple of months and participate in a series of physical activities like Tug-of-War or a sack race. This could also be an opportunity for local businesses to advertise themselves through sponsorship. * Motivation by fear. Advertising obesity and hypokinetic diseases will motivate people to participate in physical activity as they do not want to become overweight or develop a hypokinetic disease. Sailing's profile in Australia and on the Sunshine Coast is expected not to grow any further than it has already gone. Because of this, recommendations were made in order to make sailing more appealing. * More media coverage of Sailing. This would make the community more aware of sailing rather than once a year for the Sydney to Hobart race. * Have reality shows based around sailing. As society is becoming more and more interested in reality shows, this idea will appeal to them if they can watch celebrities face sailing challenges or even novice sailors. * Have a family sailing day. Again having local businesses sponsor a day where families can go down and learn how to sail. * Advertising aimed at the younger generations. Having advertisements that display sailing for the younger generations will again instil a positive attitude about sailing in the younger age groups for them to carry on into adult hood. 4. Appendices Appendix A - attached survey Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Chart 4: Walking for exercise, 2004-05 ([2] Involvement in Organised Sport and Physical Activity, [Online]) Appendix E Appendix F Yachting Australia Events Schedule The event schedule lists all Yachting Australia events which have currently been awarded. If your club wishes to host an event, please see the Application for Yachting Australia Events Policy. � Australian Youth Championship (AYC) � Australian Schools Team Racing Championship (ASTRC) � Australian Team Racing Championship (ATRC) � Australian Youth Match Racing Championship (AYMRC) � Australian Women's Match Racing Championship (AWMRC) � Australian Match Racing Championship (AMRC) 2012 [10] Yachting Australia 5. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Safety Aspects and Risk Assessment section.

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