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Human evolution is a theory that states that humans evolved from primates millions of years ago, evolution in humans has been happening for about eight million years and helped shaped what we look like today.

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Human evolution is a theory that states that humans evolved from primates millions of years ago, evolution in humans has been happening for about eight million years and helped shaped what we look like today. There are many factors that can prove that evolution was the correct theory. One factor was that global cooling forced African rainforests to shrink and turn into savannahs, global cooling led to another factor that caused our ancestors to become ground dwelling animals and walk upright. When our ancestors started to walk bi-pedally, amazingly this caused an explosion in our ancestor's intelligence and contributed to our evolution. Evolution proves that all of our closest ape relatives evolved from one single species because all primates (including humans) became what they are because of natural selection and mutation. The transformation of the human diet since the discovery fires has hugely played a part of human evolution, when our ancestors discovered fire as well as its ability's it not only allowed them to eat meat and vegetables more easily, but it also created a cultural advancement. Evolution affected early hominids intelligence to advance because of the creation of tools that were made by early humans to become more complex and creative. The strategy of making stone tools changed various times in early human history. Over the course of millions of year's evolution has moulded us and turn us into the most successful animal on earth physically. ...read more.


Australopithecus apheresis separated humans directly from other primates because they walked upright. There is a huge evolutionary connection between brain size and bipedalism, Australopithecus and our other ancestors brain size was increased because of a change in their diets. Before, our relatives were strict herbivores until they became bipedal and ate meat because it was more available. Which meant that our early ancestors had to run to catch there food, thus increased their brain size because their brains were used eating vegetables. Natural selection has played an important role human evolution. Mutations and natural selections such as change in pigmentation and bacteria inside our body have to help us survive. Random mutations occur in our DNA that can befit, harm or do nothing. Natural selection happens in evolution to help our ancestors to adapt their surroundings. For instance, humans lost their body hair to free themselves of external parasites that infest fur. Over the time of evolution our ancestor's body lost what it didn't need and kept what it need. As our ancestors started to move bipedal their body naturally selected to devolve there opposable toe. This was an advantage because our ancestors could run faster and have better alignment with their skeleton. Other natural selection happened over the time of evolution that devolved body's and evolved bodies. The discovery of controlling of fire was the rising point of human evolution and culture, fires helped humans cook food and gives them comfort. ...read more.


In order for the early humans to survive, they need to co-operate. For instance, the group was sleeping and on human was chosen to stay awake and wants to wake the group up because a woolly mammoth was rear the group, that individual would need to explain what he wants the group to comprehend. The theory of Evolution is a justified and straightforward; it has been extensively studied and supported by all modern science. Creationism in my opinion on the other hand is completely a bunch of lies, faith does not give you answers, and it only asks you to stop asking question. There is no possible way to test creationism, there for believers accept it as the truth. DNA proves that all cells on earth are someway genetically related, for instance humans are 99.8 the same genetic code as chimpanzees. Evolution happened over millions and millions of year. Creationism states that someone was told to searching out our planet for 8.7 million place them aboard to Noah's ark. In my opinion I believe evolution didn't over night or the human race was created in one day by a supernatural being because it has been proving with our technology and our discovery's of fossil records that evolution happen because of natural selections. Creationism is for people that don't care about anthropology, sociology and phycology. People that believe in evolution usually are people that don't want go to church and believe in god. Religion celebrates death while evolution celebrates life. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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