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Justification of design choices

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Sinthu Singarayer 10B Justification of design choices For this first task I am required to create a web site for the Lancre Festival 2007. To produce this website I must include these 4 pages: * Homepage * Where To Stay * Festival Events * The Purple Spiders The first page otherwise known as the homepage; should have a big heading "The Lancre Festival" it should also have the dates underneath it. One off the requirements is to make sure the heading is colourful so it stands out. I will do this by making the heading a bright orange, and formatting it to make the outline stand out. The heading will be located at the top of the page in the centre, size 36. I also want my background to be eye-catching, original, and attractive, for this I've used a yellow spiral. ...read more.


The background will be a cream colour and the text will be written in comic sans. This page will contain a list of: * Hotels (and motels) * Bed and breakfast accommodation * Camping and caravan sites These will all be put into their separate columns so it will be clear. I will also make sure the sub-headings stand out. I will accomplish this by making them font-impact, bold, and in a size 16. Underneath this table I will have a speech bubble with a message telling people that they can phone to find out which places still have accommodation. The writing will be bold. At the bottom in a rectangular boy I will have the office phone number in size 20, font "yearbook solid". The homepage hyperlink will be at the The third page will be the page for the "Festival events". The heading will be an impact font and in formatted a light purple. ...read more.


The background will be black with a purple spiderweb. The heading will be in size 30, in a "grantshand" font, filled an electric purple colour. The cost of the tickets, date, time and place will all go in the centre., with 2 pictures of the band either side of this text. This text will be a rose colour, size 12 and in a comic sans font. All my pages contain the homepage hyperlink at the bottom, which will all be tested to make sure that they work. I have selected a selection of different fonts that are all legible. Software Justification I have decided to use Publisher as my software for creating this website. There are a number of reasons why I chose this particular sotware. One of the deired out comes are that the heading and dates are colourful. In publisher you can use a range of different devises to do this, such as Wordart. ...read more.

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