How the NHS and Tesco Use Market Research

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Business Level 3

Unit 3 – P3/M3

Unit 3 P3 – Section 1

Marketing Research

Marketing research is when you research the market so you can get information about other businesses around the area, the marketing research includes things like what the product is what it’s for and how they are presented, Marketing research is also researching what types of products are good, and in which area’s they will sell well, Marketing research is basically getting data of other business in the same area or same type of business as yours.

-Primary Internal research

Primary research is Information that comes directly from the source that is potential customers. You can compile this information yourself or hire someone else to gather it for you via surveys, focus groups and other methods. Tesco may use primary research by asking for feed back, doing surveys and focus groups to get information from customers about the business and products and way it could be improved, this feedback is gained from the business, people like employee’s, Mystery shoppers,

Internal research is when you collect research from inside of the business and External research is when you go outside of the business to collect information.

The sales figures of Tesco and the NHS could be improved with this research because if the business has the right research they know what to do so they can improve their services, Tesco and the NHS will keep their business figures, and they will also have a central database where they keep their customers data on.

-Primary External research

Tesco and the NHS will use things like questionnaires to research their services at the business so they have information on how to improve them, they will use their feedback to make changes in the business, They will also give customers and employee’s things like surveys which will include questions on service and things like that in the business, Interviews and focus groups are also used to focus on certain objectives to improve on, they will also have interviews with employee’s, they will set up a focus group where they talk to professional types of people and talk about the product, mystery shoppers will be shoppers sent the external business to research them and later feedback to the business that sent them. NHS will ask questions about things like experience at hospitals, did they have good customer service, was their any risks of infections, where as Tesco ask questions such as if they we’re giving good customer service such as do they like the Tesco brand, how often they spend money at Tesco.

-Secondary Internal research

Secondary Market research that's already compiled and organized for you. Examples of secondary information include reports and studies by government agencies, trade associations or other businesses within your industry. Tesco can research for secondary marketing research as it is research that has already been done, this research might now always be reliable but it can still be used, further research can be found in places which include libraries, books, annual reports, reports from other business, internet, management, statistics, Internal research is when you collect research from inside of the business and External research is when you go outside of the business to collect information, Tesco will need to keep their

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Report on sales so they can tell what they’ve made or lost, they will also have to review previous market research so they can find ways to improve. Where are NHS will have to keep records of number of patients they had visits from at a hospital.

-Secondary External research

Tesco may use things like websites to gain information about other businesses so they can research, they may also use things like trade magazines, books and newspapers because they can gather information from there and research so they can later improve on their services, Industry reports from industry associations ...

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