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AS and A Level: Structures, Objectives & External Influences

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  1. I will be discussing the political, social, and legal factors that impact on the two following organisations: Marks & Spencers and City of London academy Islington

    and this way it may decrease the shops net income. The two legal factors for Marks and Spencer?s are: u/.Company law and sales of goods act. These two factors impact on M&S because company law helps you set up a business by giving you a loan as a start up. Sales of goods act affect marks and Spencer?s because if marks and Spencer?s have a new range of jumpers that where pink and said 100% cotton. The jumper has to be pink and be 100% cotton because this is how the item is described and it?s illegal if it?s not.

    • Word count: 1019
  2. The National Trust.. Explain how a non profit organisation seeks to gain competitive advantage to meet its aims.

    The charity relies on income from membership fees, donations and legacies as well as revenue raised from commercial operations?. They protect and are open to the public for over 350 historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments. They are also involved in the conservation of the wildlife environment and create a sustainable tourism.

    • Word count: 398
  3. Aims and objectives of Waitrose

    So, for Waitrose to maximize profits, the revenue must outbalance the costs. Waitrose would want to maximize their profits because they could later on invest more in the business, for example, opening more branches. One way that Waitrose maximize profits is advertising, which involves TV, online advertising, etc. Advertising raises brand awareness and attracts customers to Waitrose stores, this can raise revenues that will help to increase the profits. However, before making advertising, there must be a prediction of the costs of advertising and how much brand awareness it will raise and then predicting the possible revenue.

    • Word count: 2255
  4. Aims and objectives of Tescos and Leeds City College

    All businesses need to survive first, in order to make profits. Growth means to expand the business. Tesco becomes bigger. 'Bigger' may mean several things such as a larger share, a greater amount of capital employed, more employees and a greater turnover and profits. Profit is probably the most common and the most important objective. Tesco cannot survive for long unless it covers all of its costs. In order for Tesco to achieve these aims their objectives should be SMART (specific measurable, relevant and time) Aims and objectives there is no meaning to business, it's the aims and objectives that give meaning to subsequent activates of planning, directing, staffing, organising and controlling.

    • Word count: 748
  5. Customer service and satisfaction is one of the most important factors within maintaining a strong image in a working attraction such as Thorpe Park.

    Specific ? this objective can be specifically set to a certain area inside the park, whether it?s on arrival or in the premises itself, each one may have different ways of approaching customers but customers should always treated with respect, even if they are unhappy with what the park has delivered. Employees should maintain to approach them politely and question them if required. If manners are shown towards visitors and they are satisfied, there is a higher chance the park will be visited by their satisfied customers.

    • Word count: 1567
  6. Types of Business Organisation and Structure

    The small number of management layers and flat organisations are often small organisations. Advantages and operating The, team will have more communications between management and workers. The team also needs to have more team spirit. Less establishments and having making it easier on making decisions. Having Levels of management which includes benefits such as lower costs as equivalent to managers are generally paid more than a worker. Disadvantages of flat Organisations Workers or someone, in the team may have more than one manager or boss.

    • Word count: 1289
  7. Aims and objectives of different businesses

    They have many different objectives, the most important are to increase satisfaction of citizens, improve road safety, reduce percentage of hate, violent, acquisitive crime, particularly reduce gun and serious and organised crime, try to solve problems with police staff sickness. So this organisation tries to improve its performance rather than just surviving or staying on the same level. This is the only organisation I?ve listed that is providing services instead of selling something. TESCO This is typical private sector organisation; their main objective is to be the best of all other shops and to make a profit.

    • Word count: 1154
  8. Comparing Examples of Business Ownership and Objectives.

    This sector also seeks to make a profit although for different reasons to that of the private sector. This sector aims to make a profit for the charities of which they are representing in order for the unfortunate people and animals to receive the care and food they should have in order for them to live a more manageable life. The voluntary sector is run by trustees appointed by the organisations. There are six different types of ownership and these are; Sole trader - A sole trader is a person who sets up and owns their own business.

    • Word count: 3971
  9. To what extent will the achievement of the 5% target reduction in Goodprice Supermarkets Ltds indirect costs be dependent upon external factors?

    This could lead a minimal amount in profit for the business to use on inventories, thereby lowering the volume of stock sold and prohibiting the business in maximizing on their monthly profit. Such problems could only result in reduced cash flow, making the business look unattractive to potential minority stakeholders. Another external factor that could determine whether Goodprice achieve its 5% indirect costs reduction are social factors. Seeing as the company is looking to rent out town centre stores, indirect costs such as the cost of security may have to be increased due to a higher possibility of theft.

    • Word count: 572
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Companies

    The mode of production is not concentrated in one location any more, but has become decentralised, with centres of production spread across the globe. While globalisation has, on one hand, given a wonderful opportunity to organisations and companies to expand their market share and production base, there has been a flip ? side as well. There has been mounting discontent and displeasure against large corporates, especially multinational corporations (MNCs), with protests from labourers, social & environmental activists, and marginalised consumers, against their ways of conducting business.

    • Word count: 2146
  11. Business types, activities and ownership.

    ?International Business? is a term which is used collectively to describe all types of commercial transactions. Examples of such businesses are AGIP Oil Company, Shell etc. 4. Global Business: This is a company that operates in different countries and uses information technology to assist in the control of operations in each country. They have transactions that are devised and carried out across national borders to satisfy the objectives organisations. Example of this business is Disney. 5. Public Business: This is a company that has issued securities through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) and is traded on one stock exchange. The owners of a public company are its shareholders. Examples of these businesses are Tesco and Asda.

    • Word count: 1124
  12. Discuss the monetary environment of America and how if affects businesses that are or want to operate internationally.

    The minimum wage LIQUIDITY Liquidity can determine whether a business decides to operate internationally. The inflation rate in America is 1.1% the lower the rate the cheaper the prices should be. America is in a state of growth meaning that things are improving such as population is being maintained and employment increase. This is good information for Tesco because they would be able to supply cheaper services and products. Taxation laws in America are unique because it varies from state to state. Businesses entering this market can take advantage of the situation by operating in the states that have light taxation laws.

    • Word count: 1233
  13. Factors Affecting the Location of a Business - questions and answers.

    Which would not be considered when a business decides on its first location? The first factor that would be considered is the location of the current customer base. If the firm was to locate near to its market there would be reduced costs and increased flexibility. The firm could respond to changes easily, and get orders to customers in a quicker time. This improves customer satisfaction and is more likely to incur repeat sales increasing the revenue of the business gains. Also there would be reduced costs as transport costs would be less, a reduced amount of money spent on petrol could be used to expand the business or used in research and development.

    • Word count: 1177
  14. Explain, using 2 businesses how the style of organisation helps to fulfil their purposes.

    Customers are normally greeted since this is a way of increasing customer?s satisfaction towards the business. Although there hasn?t been any arguments or fights it is respected as a Peckham local shop from daily customers to unknown customers. Cracker Jack organisational structure is based on a one Level flat structure and is sometime busy. The Harris Academy at Peckham organisat- ional structure helps them to be able to achieve their aims and objectives with the experiences and the professionalism. The organisational structure that is based on the school is known as a matrix structure, even though it is a little bit complicated.

    • Word count: 699
  15. Applied Business. Investigating a business Preston Manor High School

    It works with the community to provide students with a high standard education. The school offers the most and least popular subjects e.g. Maths, Sociology etc, or the least popular like leisure and tourism. The school is dedicated to the individual development of attitudes, skills, knowledge, and responsibility essential to successful achievement in school and society. The school actively involves parents and the community in supporting student learning and development. Offering most and least popular subjects shows the school gives a variety of subjects so all sort of customers (students)

    • Word count: 18502
  16. Organisational Structures

    The structure of an organisation will determine the manner in which it operates and its performance. Structure allows the responsibilities for different functions and processes to be clearly allocated to different departments and employees. Flat A tall organisation has many levels of management and supervision. There is a long chain of command running from the top of the organisation, for example Chief Executive, and down to the bottom of the organisation, for example shop floor worker. The diagram beside neatly captures the concept of a tall structure.In contrast to a tall organisation, a flat organisation will have relatively few layers or just one layer of management.

    • Word count: 1853
  17. Briefly explain why it might be difficult to compare the size of different businesses.

    The second sector is comparing business size by value of output and sales. The problem with this is that a firm which sells a small number of expensive goods, can have a higher turnover than another firm which sells a large number of inexpensive goods. The third factor is comparing business size by capital employed. The problem with this is that some businesses might have a lot of workers and very little machinery, like a supermarket company. The fourth and last factor is comparing business size by profit.

    • Word count: 495

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