Analyse how the trailer for the "Moulin Rouge" persuades the viewer to go and see the film.

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Analyse how the trailer for the “Moulin Rouge” persuades the viewer to go and    see the film.

The purpose of a trailer is to persuade the viewers to go and see a specific film that it is advertising. A trailer is an overview of a forthcoming movie due for release at a cinema, DVD or video, which attracts the audience’s attention.  The trailer for “Moulin Rouge” is targeted at audiences over 12.  This age certificate is set by the British Film Censors Board.   It persuades people to go to watch the film as awarding actors, actresses and film director are in this movie.  For example Baz Luhrmann the director has directed many other accredited movies including “Rome & Juliet” and “Strictly Ballroom”, therefore “Moulin Rouge” will appeal to Baz Luhrmann fans (synergy).  The genre of this film is a musical love story set in late 19th century Paris at the “Moulin Rouge”, meaning it is a fast and exciting trailer which creates tension and suspense for the audience.

        The main characters in the trailer for “Moulin Rouge” are Satine (played by Nicole Kidman) the courtesan and main protagonist for both the passionate filled playwright Christian (played by Ewer McGregor) and the lovelorn Duke (played by Richard Roxburgh).  Another character shown in the film is Zidler (played by Jim Broadbent) the master of ceremonies at the “Moulin Rouge”.  Besides the main characters of the film, also present in the trailer are performances by dancers, jugglers, and acrobats at the fabulous sensuous nightclub “Moulin Rouge”.  The “Moulin Rouge” trailer shows the film’s potential through the film language used.  It uses sound, lighting, colour, editing and camera movements to its advantage so the audience wants to see this film.  

        This moving romantic journey is set in and around the mesmerising extravagance of the “Moulin Rouge”.  It is set in the late 19th century in Paris, a time of change and excitement.  The director has chosen to set this film in Paris as it compliments the story.  Paris is known as the city of love and romance paralleling the theme of the film.  By setting the movie in a familiar place it adds to the affect as the audience can relate more to the story.  In the 5th shot of the trailer it shows a view of Paris including the Eiffel Tower and the “Moulin Rouge”.  This allows the audience to be able to become more involved in this trailer by this use of clever imagery of the city.  This persuades the viewers to go and see the film.  

        Baz Luhrmann, the director has chosen to use Mise-En-Scene (costume, hair and make-up) as a major part of this film all of which are, bright, colourful and eye-catching drawing the audience to the excitement and passion of the “Moulin Rouge”.  Each character has their own individual style which represents their personality and beliefs; Satine’s period costume hair and make-up are very sensuous and revealing drawing the audience to her. The colours used in the costumes are all dramatic e.g. red, black and purple which convey a strong and mysterious character.  These colourful bright costumes are set against Satine’s pale translucent and vibrant red hair, giving her a very dramatic appearance.   In contrast Christian’s costumes are very plain ordinary clothes of the late 19th century period.  The Duke although wearing similar clothes to Christian his clothes look more expensive and he wears a top hat.   He has waxed moustache and like the archetype villain, he strokes his moustache when he is being particularly evil and malvolant.  By using the difference costumes for each character the audience quickly develop relative feelings and perceptions towards them.  This is a very persuasive piece of film language the director has chosen to use, as this makes the audience more interested in the film trailer so they will want to go and see the whole movie.  

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        Another part of Mise-En-Scene in this rapid montage of shots is how props are used to persuade the audience to watch the movie.  Trapeze swings and dance choreography are all part of props which are used to interest the audience, conveying the excitement and energy inside the exotic nightclub.  In the 13th frame Satine is suspended on a trapeze swing as she performs to the men below.  As she performs not only does this create excitement and enjoyment for the male audience below but it creates tension and excitement for the audience watching the trailer arousing their interest.  This use of ...

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