How did your role emerge and was it communicated.

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5/7/2007                                                                                                           Jack Bitton

Question 1: How did your role emerge and was it communicated.

        After we decided to use Edward Hopper as our stimulus, and to look at the loneliness ever present in his work, we came about shaping our first character an individual who suffered from loneliness. We felt that this person could have an alter ego to act as a defense mechanism to combat the loneliness and isolation he suffered. Then we looked at how influential a persons experience is as a result of he/she’s childhood. As a result we created a playground scene in which we saw ‘Richard’ for the first time at the age of a child.  My role from the start emerged to be Richard due to the direction I put forward about the piece, and my enthusiasm I expressed about it. I created a back-story to Richard of which the main pints can be seen below:

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  • He created an imaginary friend portrayed by a doppelganger as a consequence to the bulling, loneliness and isolation he suffered.
  • He focused on his education
  • Submissive

A member of the group brought in a poem by T.S.Elliot ‘Wasteland’, which consisted of the social and economic issues around the 1970’s. We were able to combined issues from both the poem and Hopper, to develop our story line and for characters to emerge. Through the rehearsal process we were able to dismiss and develop ideas we liked. We tested a variety of different ideas related to costume, delivery of ...

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