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AS and A Level: Theatre Studies

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  1. Exploration of drama using sections from "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Romeo and Juliet".

    When working on Monologues I was told to research the language and find out what it was saying, and then perform it off by heart. Unfortunately I struggled with this task as I didn?t memorise the script and it therefore weakened my performance as I depended on my words to do the performance instead of facial expressions and movement which feedback showed that I lacked on. However I was told that my interpretation was ?spot on? and this helped my understand even though understanding the play is key, and the language.

    • Word count: 1264
  2. "Lovesong" Professional Performance of a Play Analysis

    Perculiar entrances and exits out of the larger appliances (i.e. the refrigerator and wardrobe) made cleverly transitioned triggers for memories of the couple's past to come to life (i.e. as the charcter of the elder Bill opens the fridge, the character of the younger Maggie withdraws from the fridge), whilst unseen props such as the rotting hammock and the whithering peach tree symbolised a generating of time. As a consequence of the physical theatre through the dance extracts, and the play being performed in a Proscenium Arch theatre, the performance can substantially be identified as naturalistic with elements of abstraction.

    • Word count: 1115
  3. Bangarra Dance Fish Written Response. Bangarra Dance Theatre is broadly acclaimed within Australia and internationally as portraying the true spirit of its Aboriginal heritage

    Stephen Page has choreographed many works including stories of dreamtime, the spirit of the land and animals, as well as more contemporary Aboriginal issues. Productions include Boomerang, Clan, Spirit Bush, Walkout, The Dreaming, Corroboree, Skin, Ochres and Fish. Fish is a story of the earth and the power of the elements relate to culture. Fish ?unborn soul?, Call ?the Poison Fish? and Wash ?Sacred Waters? this work is structured around hard-edge energy originated from David Page?s powerful and strong score and emphasized by Stephen?s severely ground-based movement language.

    • Word count: 962
  4. Dance Response. The piece that really caught my attention and made a huge impact on me was the MiniEvent of Merce Cunninghams pieces.

    I feel like the purpose behind this dance was to pay tribute to Merce Cunningham because of the enormous influence he had on the dance world. Cunningham died last year and this piece feels like it was done to pay tribute to him and help carry on his legacy, especially since his company will disband soon. At first I thought I was going to flat-out hate the piece due to its eccentricity but, the more time that went by, the more I began to understand it and was able to relate it to myself and my music.

    • Word count: 890

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