Detention centres are factories for producing mental illness (Proffessor Patrick McGorry , Australian of year 2010). Discuss.

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Detention centres are factories for producing mental illness

(Proffessor Patrick McGorry , Australian of year 2010)


there are currently over 4000 people locked up all over Australia in detention centres like this one. In our so called “lucky country” some of these unfortunate souls have been isolated from over 2 years. Despite there rhotic to the contrary, the Australian government’s treatment of asylum seekers is nothing short of disgraceful, no better than the appalling conditions from which these despite individuals have fled. Manadory detention are factories for producing mental illness. There are 1. Dehumanising 2. Our slurr on our international reputation and obligations and 3. Simply unaustralian, there are better ways top solve this problem – remember this people have commited no crime.

Meet Abdul Hammadi, in 4 years of detention, Adul cut himself repeatly, drank poison, took false medication and attempted suicide. He was kicked and punched by guards and beaten with batons by riot police.. Instead of being put into psychiatric care he was put into solitary confinement. Abdul fled Pakistan because he was continually persecuted, but after 6 years of leaving detention in Australia, the country where he sought refuge, “he is a broken man and will never work again” – (Abdal doctors)

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Dr Suresh Sundrain of the Australian Medical Health Research Institute has stated that people enter detention, resembling resilient and healthy then we subject them to extraordinary conditions we appear to subvert there resilience and their mental health, he goes onto say that “there is good data is show that most people who had significant immigration centre experiences have comprised mental health on release, and these mental health problems persist for a protracted period following resettlement.

So how dumb is this ? No only do we summit these poor people to humiliating detention akin for no ...

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